About Gumroad~Please Read

We’re excited to offer you this new feature here at Chairem International. Gumroad is a secure video hosting service that provides you the opportunity to both purchase and rent videos we have prepared exclusively for distribution on Gumroad.

Unlike our main pages where we sell to you directly via out web server, Gumroad is our distributor of the videos they host for us. The benefit to you is you can make a secure purchase using PayPal or your Credit Card in a secure fashion and choose either to purchase or rent the video.

Rentals are yours to watch for 72 hours from when you first start watching your rental. If you purchase you are able to download and save the video to your computer.

After you have completed your Gumroad transaction, check your mail for the receipt and link to view or download your product. If you don’t receive it, look in your spam folder. Still don’t see it? Contact us for help at chaireminternational@gmail.com  Your purchase will appear as Gumroad on your paypal and credit card statements.

If you want to purchase and view videos on an iOS or Android device, please review instructions for downloading the Gumroad App HERE ».

All Chairem International videos sold on Gumroad are cross platform compliant so feel free to enjoy on the device of your choice.

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You may purchase or rent our Gumroad videos at:
Amputee/Birth Defects | Paraplegics | Polio


WHITE ARROW: Play the sample and enjoy the view from this video offering.
CLICK RENT: To see the price and to select the video as a rental ~ not a download.
CLICK BUY: To see the price and to save the video to your device.
I WANT THIS:  Choose Rent or Buy then I WANT THIS to complete your secure transaction.