Becca’s Videos Polio and Para Vol. 2


Back for a second round are my hand picked videos of women affected by paraplegia or polio.  This is another collection of women around the world showcasing their useless legs and showing you just how they go about life.  Watch as a woman struggles with her leg braces, another woman using a cane as her body wobbles all over; legs shaking. Watch as women in this compilation crawl and drag their motionless legs with feet flopping. There is quite an assortment of the things you know and love, made just for your viewing pleasure! You won’t be disappointed. Video duration is 25 minutes of beautiful crippled ladies for just $10.

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Becca’s Videos Polio and Para Volume 1

I’ve selected some of my favorites to share as my first video. Paraplegics and polio woman from around the world who live their crippled lives to the most. I love the paraplegic showing how she struggles to put on shoes, the Chinese girl with totally useless legs who walks on her crutches and lets her legs swing and flop uncontrolled. The African women who struggle to walk, so much incredible video to explore and each one more exotic than the next. I hope you enjoy them as much as I and support my work collecting all of them for you. 35 minutes of the webs best for only $10.00

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Primavara Makes my heart beat faster

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Primavara arrives by taxi knowing full well we want to watch her long paralyzed legs and those beautiful flaccid feet. We want to watch her move her legs by hand and make her feet flop around and she doesnt disappoint. From the moment she arrives in the taxi she begins the art of playing with those legs in a way meant to turn you on. First her shoes are put on those useless feet before she transfers into her wheelchair. then its a wheel down the path before she crosses her leg and takes off a shoe so we can watch her foot bounce and wiggle as she wheels. She finds some grass to cool her tender toes in from her wheelchair. Then its off to the apartment. I cant help but get hart watching as she plays with her legs in the livingroom and lifts each leg so her foot is high in the air to put on shoes. I promise, you want this one in your collection.

New Feature coming to Chairem International… Becca’s Video Collection

Becca has been saving the very best videos and clips she finds on the internet to learn more about the exotic interests of Devotees and admirers.

She’s gathered 100’s of video clips and now she’s creating video collections for YOU to enjoy. Sure, you could hunt and look all over for these great
clips from around the world or you can support Becca’s efforts to create the largest clip library in the world.

She’s offering these collections in volumes and each volume is 20- 40 minutes long and at only $10.00 to own each volume, you’ll want them all!


Crystal, just whisper you love her crippled legs

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Imagine if you were able to whisper the words crippled legs to a woman who wasnt offended. If you called her legs useless and she smiled because she understood such words excited you. Crystal is such a woman. Today she wheels in her wheelchair before returning to her apartment to change. She uses her hand crutches to walk for you so you can see how tightly her legs curl up to her breast. How far apart they are as she cruthes towards you. How you wish you could slide you hand down her thighs and feel between them and whisper, ” i love your crippled legs.” That is how confident Crystal is in her beautify and how she accepts your unique desires and intimacy. Now you must decide, is it the loss of the use of her legs that is so attractive or her strength that is so beautiful?

Gingers Steamy shower seduction

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What a seductive way to start the new year off right. Ginger crawls to the shower in a tight white T shirt to shave her legs but the steam and hot water soak though that thin top to give us a beautiful look at those heavy, firm and beautiful breasts and nipples peaking out at us. Her shave is complete with much leg lifting and fondling and then its time to crawl out and back to her bed to change. Once dressed, she puts on a pair of hot red sandals and transfers into her wheelchair..









Possibly the worlds sexiest Polio cripple ever!
Yulisa slithers like a snake when out of her braces
Sucks her toes like YOU wish you could and
crutches like no other woman in braces.

NOW, for January, Enjoy any of Yulisa’s rentals for just $15.00 PLUS..
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Now, you have the perfect chance to see this crippled goddess.

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Crutchmans many loves

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Our last movie for 2018 and its a BIG ONE Over 1 hour, and 3.25 GB! I found this in the bottom of the box of Crutchman videos and he had it marked, “My Loves”. It seems to be made up of 3 or 4 tapes that must have been his favorites. A polio crippled woman he travels with and tapes her getting in and out of her van seat. She’s older but proves that its the disability and how a woman loves her legs by hand that makes her incredible to watch, no matter her age. There’s a trip to a mall to watch women in wheelchairs, a young woman on forearm crutches swinging both legs at once and so many more. A trip to an ability expo too to watch women who, limp, transfer and wheel themselves around.

Sorry, this is too big a file to offer as a rental so we’ve priced this right at $25.00 to celebrate New Years Eve in style!

Happy New Year everyone.