Beautiful in her wheelchair

Brenda has a shy but confidant smile. While she doesnt have a sporty wheelchair, she does know that she can focus your attention on her rather than her wheelchair. She often sits cross legged in her chair for comfort and isnt afraid to leave her wheelchair behind when she wants to get somewhere that has an obstacle. From an early age she learned the importance of being able to transfer out of her wheelchair and learn to lift herself up onto a sofa, bed or other locations.

Coming Monday Nov 6th.

If any of our models can prove their passion for being seen as beautiful, its Brenda. She has overcome polio as best as possible and believes that she can be beautiful if only you will look beyond her wheelchair.


Crutchman 38: Paraplegic women

Bob Edwards collected hundreds of hours of candid video dating back to 8mm movies he filmed in the 1950’s. These women date from the 1980s to 2000. Add different ages, transfers, bare feet, crossed leg wheeling and so much more.
* Another huge file filled with over 2 GB of paraplegic ladies.

Darling Catalina

Catalina still waits to own a proper wheelchair. No paraplegic should have to use such an old style wheelchair but this is her reality. Watching her wheel herself around in this old hospital wheelchair is a reminder of how things have changed for paraplegics since the 1970’s. Her transfers are a challenge, wheeling is a challenge and to keep her heavy wheelchair just a little lighter she removes the legs rests but that causes its own problems. To keep her legs from flopping and banging around against the wheelchair she has a unqiue way of wrapping her feet into the frame to keep her legs from hitting the sides of the chair. Watching our darling young Catalina will show you what a paraplegics world was like before 1975.

Coming Monday Oct 23rd… Darling Catalina


Catalina reminds me how much things have changed for paraplegics today. Catalina still must use a very old style wheelchair that does very little to help her live an independent life, yet this is the world she knows. Without footrests she has a very unique way of keeping her legs from swinging uncontrolled when she is wheeling. Its something we’ve never seen before.