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Allow Me To Introduce Myself


Chairem viewers,

I have been wanting to take a moment to introduce myself to you as I have taken over Chairem International.  This can help put a face to the name you have been hearing and for us to become more acquainted.

I’m Becca, a disabled woman myself and a below knee amputee for quite some time.  The first thing I noticed about this company built by Fred, was that the models were cared for and respected – all consenting of their work here.  We have held a standard on the type of content and for that I am happy to be apart of it all.

I want to thank Fred firstly, for guiding me up to this point, believing in my, and boosting me.  He has put a lot of himself into this company and I am honored to now be apart of Chairem’s future growth.  I also would like to thank Delicia for her guidance and for all of you who have welcomed me into the industry.  Thank you all for the patience with the transition as I begin this new journey with you all, getting into the groove of it all.

I am excited to build and grow with new ideas and maintaining the things you have known and love throughout the previous years.  I have high hopes for the company and the future of Chairem International. Here is to the new journey together, cheers!