Ginger, meet me in the car park

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Ginger wants to take you into the car park to play dirty. She knows you love watching her wheel and play with her legs. She knows you try to hide your affection for her crippled legs but the bulge in your pants cant be hidden. She’ll take you for a ride up the elevator and maybe, she’ll reach out to that bulge and squeeze it while your alone. Once in the appartment Ginger wants you to relax and watch her. She knows your hand will slide down your pants as you watch her crawl on the floor, you’ll moan when you see her lift her self onto the sofa and as she applies lotion your bulge enlarges and she smiles. She lowers herself to the floor and rolls over to drag yer paralysed legs across the floor, helplessly to watch you thrill. She finds power in her thighs to lift and wiggle her round , soft and perfect ass in the air for you to watch. When she returns to her wheelchair she tangles her legs under her to sit cross legged in her wheelchair because she knows you love seeing the struggle. Her feet, picked up and tucked tightly into her lap. You’ll wish you could slide your hand under her and feel if she’s as wet as you are becoming. Now she’ll untangle her legs and slip one foot under her ass so that she looks like an amputee because she knows that you love watching and fantasizing. When she comes close, let her unzip your pants and reach inside because she wants to. that is why she ured you to the car park in the first place.

Pamela, some braces, some wheelchair, all crippled

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Pamela returns from church but better thing about going back to confession after this. She arrives at the door and you’re waiting inside, You watch her drag each steel wrapped leg across the floor, dragging each foot in its heavy leather boot. Her body swings from side to side to pull the motionless legs into place. A sip of water then its the hong struggle of walking to the bedroom, each leg, dragging, each foot skidding across the ground as she struggles. then onto the bed to change int oa red skirt she knows will turn you on. The red glimmers off the steel that binds her legs. She lifts each leg for you  before struggle to get into her wheelchair. the weight of the braces make moving her crippled legs so much harder. She wheels to teh other room, Her legs open for you so see up under her skirt as she wheels to collect a crutch. Then its back to her bedroom to lift herself and the steel onto the bed for you pleasure. Finally she lifts herself and locks her braces and stands once more to walk for you as your favorite polio crippled.

Luna beside you at the pool

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Your heart races when a paraplegic smiles at you, when she wheels her wheelchair towards you. Your heart pounds when you see she is barefoot. Knowing she is preparing to go to the pool is enough to turn you hard. When you see her at the poolside, transferring out of her wheelchair to the lounge chair you throb with anticipation. Knowing she will soon undress and lower herself to the ground to pull here body to the pool just to cool off leaves you holding a towel in front of your bulge. Look at her legs, her paralysed feet and curled toes, so beautiful, so much so you wish you could slide her toes into your mouth to roll your tongue over and between each of them. You want a paralyzed woman of your own but for now, you can enjoy knowing Luna is beside you at the pool.


Becca’s Videos: Amputee Video 2


More amputees for your viewing pleasure!  In this video made of clips, you’ll see different ladies crutching and hopping about.  Some ladies will be crawling with no legs or being seductive scooting across the floor while you watch.  Watch a double amputee wheel herself to the grass so she can lie down on it.  Each clip was hand selected for your enjoyment so I hope you enjoy.  $10 now

Rayanne barefoot polio in the park

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There was a day when someone was crippled by polio, they we simply called a, ” Polio”. Rayanne remembers that and she once called herself a polio when we talked with her. Somehow sad but sensual at the same time. So calling her a barefoot polio is a name of endearment. In this movie we watch her get out of a car, remove her shoe and sock so we can see her polio effected leg and crippled foot as she crutches. In the grass, she finds moving ehr leg with each step too difficult so instead, she allows her foot to drag in the grass with each step. I had to film that closely, watching her foot flop over and drag her toes though the grass, watching ehr ankle roll over and how truly incredible that useless foot it. How I wish the camera could be put down so I could pick up her foot and lick and suck those useless toes. You like crippled feet as well? you will love watching her feet in this movie.