Features Of This Site

We hope you’ll enjoy the new and simplified features on our site. To get acquainted with them we thought we’d show you around a little.

Its about customer service. If you have a download problem or if you’re interested in being a Chairem Women, please click on our customer service button located on the top right under our banner.

Our latest movie release appears as the first movie under our banner. You can scroll down and view all movies in the order in which they have been release. Click on OLDER POSTS to see more video releases.

Under each movie is the BUY NOW buttonbuy-now-gold adding the movie to your shopping cart. If you dont have a cart already, click on the BUY NOW button and it will direct you to the log in page where you can create a new account or access your existing account. On the right, you can click to view your shopping cart and download your movie purchase.  Be assured, our shopping cart uses secure Paypal technology and we never see or have access to your personal information.

The movie description has been abbreviated but you can read the whole description by clicking on Continue Reading.

Just below the link for VIEW YOUR CART, you can search all movies using a key word like Legbrace, Struggle or (as we’ve typed in) SHORT LEG. When you use that search you’ll see all movies with that content.

short leg

If you would like to explore all movies by disability types ( for example PARAPLEGIC) click here and each model is listed by name under the disability. You can view all samples of every disability type or type a models name in here ( for instance Iris) and all Iris movies will appear.


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Watch for this icon for movies that will play on all platoforms.

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