If you’re new to Chairem International, welcome to an incredible world of women with disabilities who accept and respect your unique interest in what makes them so incredible. If you’re a returning and long standing customer and fan, thank you for your continued support of our incredible women from around the world. In 17 years you have brought incredible change to women with disabilities from around the world.



CUSTOMER SERVICE and help with download issues is just a click away. If you experience a problem with a movie download you have purchased, please go to our Customer Service page for details on how to succeed in your download, programs you can download to make your purchase compatible with tablets, Ipads, Iphones.
* Please remember, our time zone is Pacific  so we may not get back to your instantly but promise to respond ASAP.

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SAFE PURCHASES are assured and have been oimagesur record for over 17 years. Chairem International is owned by Greenheart Medical Research and Development, Inc, located in Canada. We do not accept wire transfers or Western Union for our products. Our Movies are sold strictly using PayPal and we adhere to all standards and protocols established  to be a trusted PayPal Vendor for 17 years.   GMRD, Inc never sees your personal information nor collects email addresses for data base use or marketing. We respect your privacy.


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MODEL CONTACT INFORMATION. Sorry, we do not provide contact information for any of the incredible women we represent. Our contractual obligation with our models state clearly that their privacy is assured. Any individual who attempts to contact them though social media is reported back to GMRD, Inc.  and their IP address is investigated and blocked from our sites.
Please respect the privacy and dignity of our incredible women to assure you always have access to Chairem International in the future. Past experiences have not always been good for our ladies so we do not give information to anyone. Again, sorry for any inconvenience.




BECOMING A CHAIREM MODEL. We welcome any woman with a physical disability to become a Chairem Woman. Our video productions never contain nudity or pornography. You will never be requested to do something you are not comfortable doing or put you at risk of injury. We will disclose our program and pay scale with your fully upon your interest.

Referrals; If you know of a person who is a candidate or is interested, please have that person contact us directly. We do not contact potential candidates directly, it is strictly up to the potential model to have the initiative to contact us. If your referral signs with Chairem International, you will receive their movies complementary as our thank you to you.
Our contact information is: chaireminternational@gmail.com