Chairem International History

Chairem INTERNATIONAL was formed in 1999 with the founding owners, Deeyana, Sharry Konopski and Fred Nelson.
The spirit behind Chairem INTERNATIONAL was to provide 2 women with disabilities a method of earning an income to offset their continuing medical needs.

Fred Nelsons personal role in Chairem INTERNATIONAL was to develop a strategy that would maintain the privacy, location and identity of Deeyana and Sharry and others who would later join Chairem INTERNATIONAL. Nelson continues to develop the site, provide production and distribution services and retains ownership of Chairem INTERNATIONAL.

Sharry Konopski, a Playboy Bunny (who became a paraplegic) educated Deeyana ( also a paraplegic) on the content of video media that was in demand by individuals with an attraction to women with disabilities. The content was not pornographic in nature, nor did it contain nudity. Each movie presented by Deeyana and Sharry depicted them in their daily lives and how they lived with their disabilities.

The income from their sales was used to provide for new wheelchairs and other medical needs not covered by their health care providers.

In 1999, the only media available to individuals with an attraction to individuals with disabilities was covertly collected without the subjects being aware they were being filmed or photographed. This material was shared and has spread across the internet.  It what the sole intent of the three founding owners to supply desirable material to this unique audience to not only provide for their personal income needs but to reduce the need for people to “covertly” film women with disabilities.

By 2005 both Sharry and Deeyana retired from Chairem INTERNATIONAL and Delicia Hermosa became the leading inspiration of Chairem INTERNATIONAL and brought with her women from around with world who could benefit from the income provided.

The proprietors of Chairem INTERNATIONAL do not cast judgment on  those with the unique attraction, those who wish to be Chairem Women or those who are offended by the concept. Our mission remains to provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to earn a positive income from dedicating a few hours to being in front of a camera and to reducing the demand and distribution of covertly collected video and pictures.

If you have discovered Chairem INTERNATIONAL for the first time and feel that you can benefit from being a Chairem Woman and would like more information, please email  for confidential information.

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