how my legs please me

buy-now-goldFor 17 minutes step into Yulisa private world where she connects with her passion and the intimate feelings she has for her own legs and feet. Polio has taken her ability to walk but Continue reading

nylons steel fire and ice

buy-now-goldYulisa brings together the beauty we expect from her. The shapely black nylons that wrap her feet, the cold bright steel that bind her legs, Continue reading

fan favorite moments vol 1

buy-now-goldPresenting Volume one of the most asked for scenes from the exotic and erotic Yulisa! From her serpentine hand walking though the house allowing her legs to drag Continue reading

stolen braces, useless polio legs

buy-now-goldMy legs are silent but with braces they can sing when I move. But it is different when someone takes my braces away. If I am without braces, i am lost to move through Continue reading

unchained polio cripple

buy-now-goldSit and want me closely. You have taken my braces and crutches and leave me with no choice but to pull myself helplessly on the floor. I understand Continue reading

polio plaything

buy-now-goldI know you enjoy when I use my body to ignite your passions and I love to do this for you. I know how watching me lift my legs by hand or wobbling my feet Continue reading

fan favorite moments pt 2

buy-now-goldYulisa knows exactly what men love to see. She truly knows personally how to move her body and make her braces stunning! Enjoy watching Yulisa unstrap herself from the leather and Continue reading

black nylons, white steel

buy-now-goldYulisa’s most provocative movie yet. If you love Yulisa and her beautiful ways this is must have for your collection. From the first moments watching Yulisa round the corner of her bed pulling and dragging her Continue reading