hello sissy

buy-now-goldSpend 30 minutes with Sissy and follow her from the car to the stairs before eventually going inside for even more. You’ll watch as this 20 year old polio Continue reading

double brace walk about

buy-now-goldI would like to take you for a walks with me. You can take my arm if you like or just enjoy what you see. We will walk to the pool Continue reading

polio seduction

buy-now-goldSissy wants you to feel very comfortable with her today. You have helped to make her feel like a beautiful Continue reading

fitness test

buy-now-goldSpend 30 minutes as Sissy walks to the condo to try out the pool and workout equipment. Polio has effected not only her legs Continue reading

prepares for the stairs

buy-now-goldI am at home and I decide to remove my leg braces and give to my legs, some nice gentle touching.

It is something I use to do several times at day, it is like awaking Continue reading

brace games

buy-now-goldSpend 28 minutes with Sissy. We find her sitting at the computer without her braces. Then she lowers herself down to the floor and Continue reading

new leg braces and fancy leg play

buy-now-goldI have been using my old braces for the last 10 years, and just going to fix things time to time when the fail me. But at last, Continue reading