Simone Wheelchair Somba

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This is the most unique and exotic video to come across our desks at Chairem INTERNATIONAL¬†in a long…Long…LONG time! Simone puts on her favorite music, takes off her nylons and dances the most exotic Samba, rolling from the seat of her chair to the floor feeling every movement of the music. She rolls into different positions in her wheelchair as only Simone can and when she finds herself on the floor, your heart will beat out of our chest!

Think of the motions of an exotic hula dancer crossed with the unique beauty of a paraplegic… you’ve got Wheelchair Samba!

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Simone Dorm Room Confidential

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Simone’s given her camera person a day off. She wanted to make a video that was hotter than anything seen on the net and didn’t want her camera person to feel uncomfortable shooting it. Simone is close and intimate with the camera as she plays with her little legs in front of you. She crawls to the bed and pulls herself up onto it to undress and put on a beautiful red evening gown. Finally she exchanges it for a very sexy black formal gown before crawling away. A patented Wheelchair samba with some very naughty close ups and presto… you’ve got a confidential peek into a university dorm room.

29.6 minutes long.. just you and Simone.