personal foot fetish

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foot fetish climax

buy-now-goldSimone’s alone in the house and brings you face to face with her personal foot fetish.

Her feet are hyper sensitive to touch and running her fingers over her instep and between her toes Continue reading

morning delight

buy-now-goldAn incredible bedroom scene with Simone complementing her soft skin with lotion then transferring to her wheelchair. A return to Continue reading

polio para frustration

buy-now-goldSimone loves to have her legs and feet stimulated and touched but today she is so frustrated and sad they do not work. In her heart she knows Continue reading

wheelchair somba

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got floor?

buy-now-goldSimone drops from her wheelchair to spend time getting very sexy and wild non the floor. She removes her shoes, Continue reading

hello there crippled simone

buy-now-goldSimone’s freshly rested and ready for the day in Hello There. Sit back and enjoy watching her throw back the covers and manipulate her beautiful little legs as she gives them a warm coating of lotion. What incredible little feet she has!

naughty polio school girl

buy-now-gold“I had so much fun making this video because I am able to show you how I feel a little bit Continue reading