sasha walkabout

buy-now-goldIt is a nice day, and I am walking around in the balcony, with my crutches. Then is time to go home Continue reading

sasha loves music

buy-now-goldWait for Sasha at the bottom of the stairs as she slowly swings each leg down the staircase. She slowly crutches past Continue reading

polio leg shuffle

buy-now-goldWill you come sit with me while I show you some things? I will show you my unique walking style Continue reading

chef sasha

buy-now-goldSasha’s preparing dinner for a special friend and welcome to to stay and play in Continue reading

short leg polio morning

buy-now-goldWe find Sasha looking out the window prior to going to bed. She uses her swing through gate Continue reading

Sasha swinging on polio legs

buy-now-goldWhen Sasha returns from a long stroll, lifting and swinging her legs on her crutches, Continue reading