Lost Classic : See you in 2012 – Samanthas introduction to us.

A lost Classic. This is how we met Polio Samantha and this was her introduction to us. We asked her to show up her legs, how she put cream on them, how she put on shoes and moreso, to crawl for us and how she struggles to walk.

Samanthas Boots Crutches and Delight!


buy-now-goldSamantha takes you for a walk in her high top boots. Upon returning to the apartment its time to slip out of the boots and onto the floor to make her way to the sofa. Once there, she pays tribute to her legs and feet before making her way to the bedroom where she changes into a beautiful green dress that shows

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Samanthas polio legs of Fantasies

Samantha had the knee of her weak leg fused so she would never had to wear leg braces again. The results are beautiful polio legs that arent hidden in braces. You can enjoy the view while she walks on her crutches, swinging her legs free of the burned of steal and leather. After being outside, Samantha takes you inside where she treats her feet to some attention before lowering herself to the floor and dragging herself to the bedroom.

Crippled enough for any man

buy-now-goldWe love watching Samantha and her unique gate. Rather than having a brace, she chose to have one knee Continue reading

enjoying sunshine

buy-now-goldYou’ll find Samantha waiting for you in the park.

She takes but just a brief moment to remove a shoe and nylons to massage her tired polio foot, Continue reading

teasing and pleasing

buy-now-goldOnce Samantha gets in front of the camera she opens up and lets her hair down.
Take a walk beside her in her open toe shoes and watch how her surgically fused knee allows her to walk Continue reading

provocative leg show

buy-now-goldWhen you combine a polio princess who understands what a devotee loves to see and a camera person who has the same interest, you get an Continue reading

pool pleasures

buy-now-goldSamantha leads you to her bedroom where she prepared to go to the pool. Once she crutches her way to the pool courtyard, Samantha takes Continue reading