Pamela’s Sexy Shoes and Polio Legs

Pamela has her new raised shoe on and learning to play in it. Now she can get some use out of her polio ravaged leg that normally hangs, flops and dangles.
She plays in the park, on the swing and other things before walking to a bench to inspect her foot hiding in her shoe. Then its off for a long walk to the apartment where once inside she sits, takes off her shoes and socks and walks around.

Pamela Leg braces in the sun

Pamela is still getting use to her new leg braces. Today we find her on her bed before she transfers to a wheelchair. She collects her crutches and goes outside in the sunshine to show you how well she’s doing.
With old fashioned under arm crutches and a forearm crutch she displays her walking ability. There’s nothing like the slow drag of a polio effected food across the cement as she tried to stable herself to complete each step.
Then its a return to her wheelchair and back to the apartment for a rest on her bed.

Pamela’s Seductive Leg Braces

buy-now-goldPamela is still getting use to her new Leg braces, Continue reading

The Weakening of Pamela’s Legs

This is one of the last movies filmed with Pamela without her leg braces. Continue reading

Pamela’s New Leg Braces

buy-now-goldWith utmost gratitude to a long-time Chairem Fan, Pamela presents the new legbraces and crutches purchased by one of her greatest fans. Continue reading

a polio walk around the park

buy-now-goldFor a person who is so crippled by polio, its is so hard to walk on flat ground, but so much the harder to walk in grass and uneven land. Often our feet Continue reading

i love sharing my polio legs

buy-now-goldFirst Pamela take me to the stairs. Show me how you can walk backward up the stairs so that I may watch your feet hang and flop as Continue reading

long walks with a polio princess

buy-now-goldI’m glad to take you on a long walk today. From the time I arrive in a taxi, we will walk together. I’ll face the long walk up hill Continue reading