Romancing the polio princess

buy-now-goldMy polio legs do not walk fast. Each step is careful and slow. At times my right foot catches the floor Continue reading

The crippled legs of mercedes

buy-now-gold“Hello, I am Mercedes. Delicia has invited me to join Chairem and I am excited of the opportunity. The women of Chairem are so beautiful and I feel I want to be part of this wonderful family. I was sick from polio very young and it leaves my legs Continue reading

Getting to know my polio

buy-now-goldMy polio legs may not look badly effected, but that is not the case. The best way for me to explain is to show you my legs Continue reading

Bikini exploration

buy-now-goldExplore the world of Mercedes in her beautiful Bikini. You’ll enjoy her wonderful curves and exploring the differences in her legs. Continue reading

Steamy polio sensation

buy-now-goldWho knew a single crutch polio woman could know how to be so sensational!

From bed to the shower, Mercedes slithers Continue reading

Lolita meets Chairem Women

buy-now-goldWe send Mercedes and Pamela to meet Lolita and take our camera along. Its going to be wonderful to see how the three polio Continue reading