Lilliana’s Leg Banquette

buy-now-goldLilliana doesn’t mind showing you her legs. Continue reading

lilianna’s hallway

buy-now-goldLilliana is picked up by Delicia at a friends home and driven to Lilliana’s home. Once there she struggles Continue reading

polio girls day out

buy-now-goldDelicia calls Lilliana to invite her out for the day. Delicia drives to pick up Lilliana and meets her sitting on the floor Continue reading

double delight

buy-now-goldDelicia joins Lilliana and together they discover the differences between each others braces and their physical disabilities.

Lilliana shows Delicia how she has to drag herself on the floor when she isnt using her braces Continue reading

pelvic paralysis

buy-now-goldLilliana was born with Cervical Paralysis and contracted polio as well. The condition leaves her with minimal use of her thigh muscles, Continue reading

braceless struggle

buy-now-goldLillina is laying on her sofa before deciding its time to put on her braces for the day.

But as with every day, she has left her braces in her room upstairs Continue reading

Polio crippled Lilliana remembers her Chairem Connection


Lilliana is back. She’s a polio woman with no use of her legs but wrapped in steel and leather she can at least Continue reading