Karla’s Beautiful Polio Hand

buy-now-goldKarla’s polio ravaged her left arm leaving her hand flaccid and completely useless. Continue reading

discovering karla

buy-now-goldKarla joins Chairem with this unique video that explores her useless arm and how she walks with her weak leg.

Karla never had medical treatment for her polio arm Continue reading

karla’s visit from karen

buy-now-goldMy polio friend Karen has come to visit. I’m dressed and ready to go out on the town and I need my girlfriend Continue reading

polio arm and withered leg

buy-now-goldKarla’s Right hand hangs uselessly upside down, the fingers are open and thin from never moving. Her arm is thin Continue reading

hand challenge and foot fancy

buy-now-goldWe put Karla to work trying to get some use of of that crippled hand. Other than its ability to flop Continue reading

Karla’s polio hand and determination

buy-now-goldWe ask Karla to use that incredible crippled hand Continue reading