double braces outside

buy-now-goldFor Karen, walking in her leg braces outside can be difficult.

You can see that on the cement where it is flat, it is not so bad, but Continue reading

polio took my legs not determination

buy-now-goldWalk for me Karen. Swing your hips from side to side as you throw your legs so beautifully wrapped in steel Continue reading

the art of polio legs

buy-now-goldWatch me as I lower myself to the floor without my steel and leather braces. I collect the items I need and slowly crawl Continue reading

something special planned for you

buy-now-goldKaren is braceless in the living room. She chooses this time to lower herself to the floor and pull herself outside Continue reading

polio braces and inspiration

buy-now-goldFrom the moment Karen gets up in the morning she has a big smile on her face.

Her polio is just a part of her life, not who she is and Continue reading

the effects of polio

buy-now-goldShow me how difficult it is for you to walk. How even small changes in a pathway can become obstacles for you Continue reading

leg brace freedom

buy-now-goldFor Karen, walking in her leg braces is freedom alone. When she removes her braces and moves Continue reading

steel magnolia

buy-now-goldI want to challenge myself today and you can come to cheer me on.

Long flights of stairs are so difficult for me. It is so hard that I avoid Continue reading