Bittersweet polio cripple

Poor Glenda, her weak polio leg just allows enough strength to stand and walk with crutches, the other is too weak for any value.
She carries her brace into the dining room and sits on a chair. She shows off her polio feet and legs and the bruising on her leg from the legbrace. Then to the floor to crawl for you and a return to be sure you enjoy watching her play and manipulate those bittersweet polio legs.

Midnight water world

buy-now-goldIt was a long day and there is nothing better that going to swim in the night.

I use my leg brace all the time but today I will show you how I walk without Continue reading

Personal favorite

buy-now-goldGlenda’s personal favorite thing to do when she’s alone is to be free of her legbrace. The only thing is Continue reading

We’re united and stick together

buy-now-goldCome meet Rayanne, Glenda, Brenda and the others as they gather together to meet Delicia Continue reading