Ginger wants to play dress up

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What wonders polio does to a woman’s body. Each of them are so different. The remaining muscles, the shape of their feet, the scattered bits of function, all make for such individual and unique beauties. Ginger likes to accent her legs in a way that to some will hide her polio and for others only make it more appealing. Her feet are slightly twisted, her ankles are more rigid than flaccid and her thighs hold minimal function; just enough to crawl on her knees rather than have to drag herself  on the floor. She likes to wear short skits that almost let you peer up between the thighs. Dark nylons to smooth out any minimal imperfections in her legs and bright red. Oh bright red makes her a 4 alarm fire and when she maneuvers her legs, picking each one up in her hands to tuck them around under her when she’s in her wheelchair, your fire hose will be ready to put out her flames.

Ginger, your crippled feet are candy sweet

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Ginger, your crippled legs are so beautiful to watch. how you have such little use of them but just enough to crawl, yet not enough to walk or stand. How your lower back is arched from scoliosis, twisting it slightly to extend your breast out so prominently when you wheel. How your hands grasp your angles to move your legs into positions we love to see. How your feet are so soft and tender, never once have they held your weight. they are perfection and they are useless, they are imperfect and yet ideal, they are worthy of worship and they are crippled. Craw for us on the floor and up and down a stair case. Tangle your legs by hand while you sit in your wheelchair. Show us how they are perfectly imperfect. Show us what makes your crippled feet candy sweet

Ginger, meet me in the car park

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Ginger wants to take you into the car park to play dirty. She knows you love watching her wheel and play with her legs. She knows you try to hide your affection for her crippled legs but the bulge in your pants cant be hidden. She’ll take you for a ride up the elevator and maybe, she’ll reach out to that bulge and squeeze it while your alone. Once in the appartment Ginger wants you to relax and watch her. She knows your hand will slide down your pants as you watch her crawl on the floor, you’ll moan when you see her lift her self onto the sofa and as she applies lotion your bulge enlarges and she smiles. She lowers herself to the floor and rolls over to drag yer paralysed legs across the floor, helplessly to watch you thrill. She finds power in her thighs to lift and wiggle her round , soft and perfect ass in the air for you to watch. When she returns to her wheelchair she tangles her legs under her to sit cross legged in her wheelchair because she knows you love seeing the struggle. Her feet, picked up and tucked tightly into her lap. You’ll wish you could slide your hand under her and feel if she’s as wet as you are becoming. Now she’ll untangle her legs and slip one foot under her ass so that she looks like an amputee because she knows that you love watching and fantasizing. When she comes close, let her unzip your pants and reach inside because she wants to. that is why she ured you to the car park in the first place.

Gingers swim is paraplegic perfection

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Have you ever sat at a pool and watched with anticipation when you see a young crippled girl arrive poolside? You hope to watch her get rady to get in the pool, you watch her hoping she’ll crawl to the pool. How does she swim, how does she get in and out of the pool, can she feel her legs? All this rushes though your mind. Ginger takes you to that pool. Watch her undress, transfer, enjoy the sun and then crawl and lower herself into the pool. She knows your watching so makes an attempt to show you everything you want to see. Big sexy breast bounce under her top as she crawls to the pool, they swing as she lifts herself out of the pool and onto the lounge chair to dry, lotion and dress. You would be amazed how hard you would be standing and watching and trying to hide your bulge behind a towel. This is paraplegic perfection!

Gingers Steamy shower seduction

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What a seductive way to start the new year off right. Ginger crawls to the shower in a tight white T shirt to shave her legs but the steam and hot water soak though that thin top to give us a beautiful look at those heavy, firm and beautiful breasts and nipples peaking out at us. Her shave is complete with much leg lifting and fondling and then its time to crawl out and back to her bed to change. Once dressed, she puts on a pair of hot red sandals and transfers into her wheelchair..

Ginger has something planned

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Ginger has something she wants to do outside but begins with a crawl through the house to get her wheelchair. Once nestled into its seat, she puts on a pair of long white stockings and shoes before wheeling outside. Once on a roll, something isnt quite right so she transfers out of her chair to the ground to wok on her wheelchair. Once its fixed she can return to the chair and wheel to the grarden planter to enjoy the view. She doesnt want her shoes on so they come off, her feet are crossed and she wheels back to the appartment. Inside she tranfers to teh floor, crawls to the sofa and puts her legs up on a pillow to massage them and play with her feet. then its back to the floor to crawl for us once more and lift her paralysed little body back into her wheelchair.

Ginger Sweet as candy

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What an eye popping sweetheart. Gingers adjusting to her life as a Chairem model and getting accustom to showing us the things we love to see. After leaving her bedroom Ginger comes to the livingroom and puts on a pair of sandles before leaving to go outside. She really wants to spend some time in the sun. After leaving the apartment, she soon discovers its not the best day for suntanning so instead she returns to the apartment. once there, Ginger undresses and shows her drop dead swim suit. She lays out a town by the sliding glass door and soaks up some lotion before soaking up some sun. Then she raises to her knees to craw away.

Welcome Ginger!

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We’re so pleased to bring you our wonderful new Model, Ginger! She’s polio effected, affectionate and loves being in front of the camera to entertain and thrill you.

Enjoy watching her wheel into the room, transfer to the floor and crawl on her knees. Her lower legs are useless and feet cant support her weight. She then takes a foot stool to position it to allow her to raise herself up onto the sofa. She finds the hardest path onto it by crawling across the arm and scales it like a mountain climber. She again returns to the floor, crawls to her wheelchair and when she does finally get into it, she crosses her legs Indian style. Oh, we cant wait to bring you much more from our incredible and beautiful princess, Ginger!