Dignified Donna

Donna has lived with the loss of the use of her legs to polio. Steel and leather are the only things that allow her to walk. She’s beginning to suffer from Post Polio Syndrome. Have a close look at how she walks during a flair up and how polio has twisted her feet into unique and beautiful wonders.

Donna’s Rainy Day Delights

When Donna welcome you to her room she delights you with some incredible polio leg delights. First a transfer from her wheelchair to the sofa so she can put on her braces. Those flaccid feet, useless little toes are so beautiful. Then its time for a stroll outside to the staircse where she navigates them, struggling with each legbraced step. You can almost see up her skirt before she turns and comes down the stairs to her apartment where she has something special. She sits on the sofa and removes one legbrace and nylon and then struggles to walk with her useless leg, dangling and her foot flopping into place with each difficult step.

Donna, Polio Showertime and braces

Its morning and you get to follow Donna across the floor and into her shower. Her wet top exposes her wonders while she shaves her legs for you, holding each one in the air, flopping her foot uncontrolled. Then its time to dry off, lay her braces and crutches on her lap and scoot herself across the floor to the bedroom to dress.

Donna’s Double Brace Walkabout

buy-now-goldThe big beautiful smile and pixy glimmer in the eyes of Donna let you know how happy Donna is in real life. The polio that diminished the use of her legs hasn’t taken away her spirit for life. Donna had adapted her life to accommodate for double leg braces and he loss of mobility.

For who who enjoy braces and the incredible gate of a woman in short skirt and double braces, you will enjoy this.

Spend the entire movie enjoying the view of Donna walking on flat ground, going up and down ramps and teasing you on the stairs. Let Donna slip off her braces to show her legs and feet while she applies a little lotion to relax.

Approx 549 mb
25 min