feet shoes and more

buy-now-goldDelicia’s welcomes Aria to give her legs and feet a complete spa treatment. They stop for a moment to compare their polio ravaged legs Continue reading

everything you’ve wanted

buy-now-goldFrom her many fans all over the world, Delicia has made this new video incorporating all of her best attributes plus many requests never seen before. Continue reading

legbrace erotica 3

buy-now-goldI Have a wonderful seductive pair of leg braces for you. They are cold steel, black leather and tall long leather boots with very high heels. Continue reading

delicias dinner date

buy-now-goldDelicia’s afternoon is interrupted by a phone call from a companion who wants to take he to dinner. Its time to change from her relaxed Continue reading

delicious delicia

buy-now-goldOut of all the movies that Delicia has made, this movie is a major breakthrough in many ways, and it opens up a whole new vision of a more mature Continue reading

leg brace delivery

buy-now-goldIt’s a lucky man who was the fortunate mane to bring Delicia her new leg brace Continue reading

beyond polio

buy-now-goldDelicia’s experiencing the weakening of her legs much more rapidly than before. If you remember her when she started modeling last year, you’ll remember her weak leg was Continue reading

agony and ecstacy

buy-now-goldThis movie shows a different side of Delicia. The party girl just awakening after a wild night out, and the sexy sophisticated beauty that you love so much. You will also see her taking a bath, Continue reading