Crystal redefines beauty.

Crystal never used braces or crutches, strictly her little hand blocks. Her legs are atrophied from polio and are of limited value to her. But somehow, she knows the importance of keeping them beautiful by taking care of her legs and feet with lotion, shaving them and painting her toes. Crystal cant stand but attempts to just for your enjoyment, and she must find a way to crawl up to get a glass from the cupboard. Her legs fail her and leaves her to crawl on the floor from room to room. She is truly a beautiful woman with polio legs that redefine beauty.

Crippled Crystals first wheelchair

Crystals excited because a Chairem Fan bought her the first wheelchair she has ever owned. Hand crutching across th floor she gets on her bed to prepare her legs for the big day, then crawls across the floor to the dining room where she puts on shoes. Then its out the door, down the stairs, struggling in her unique way to the new wheelchair waiting for her. I love her unique way of using her hand blocks to walk and how her useless legs look once shes in her wheelchair.

Crystal’s new set of crutches

Crystal developed Polio as a child. Continue reading

my final single brace movie

buy-now-goldI thought this movie was lost forever. Crystal and I enjoyed our day in the sun by the pool on the last day I walked with only one leg brace ( something I can never do again). Continue reading

hand crutching

buy-now-goldShe has never owned a wheelchair. She’s never used braces. Her life has been lived crawling Continue reading

crystal’s pool party

buy-now-goldDelicia invites Crystal over to go swimming but a it happens Crystal needs Continue reading

delicia brings freedom to crystal

buy-now-goldIt is a very nice day. Delicia calls me to her home and gave me a very wonderful day and a special gift to try. A cart for me to ride!

In first, I was trying my new cart. I’ve never had wheels Continue reading

romancing crystal

buy-now-goldClose your eyes and Step back in time for a moment. Remember the first disabled woman who changed you forever. She was likely a woman Continue reading