Brenda’s Sweet Polio Feet

Brenda’s polio ravaged her legs leaving them useless and paralyzed. Her feet hang motionless except for a rare flicker of movement in her toes if she stimulates her feet.
Since joining Chairem long ago she has focused on making sure her feet and legs remain attractive and today is no different.
Brenda will transfer to the bed for you, play with her legs, then dedicate some love to her feet with lotion, then its time to get on the floor for us. Brenda moves and positions her legs ideally for us to watch her poke and jab at her feet with a toothpick so we can see those toes flicker. Then an incredible struggle from the floor into her wheelchair and out to the living room for shoes and more floor action. Wouldn’t you love to kiss and lick those perfectly soft, clean and paralyzed feet!

Delightful Polio goddess poolside


Brendas legs are terrific as she manipulates them in her wheelchair getting ready to go to the pool. Once there, its onto a lounge chair for lotion before crawling poolside, dragging those great legs.
Then some suntanning back on the lounge chair before wheeling around with her legs crossed in a very seductive fashion.

cross compliant

Brenda the Hi Heeled Polio Princess

buy-now-goldWhen Brenda our cute little polio wheelchair sweety arives in her taxi, she has to transfer out to her wheelchair. Continue reading

poolside polio foot play

buy-now-goldToday we find Brenda reading by the pool but she is thinking of something special for to do.

She drops to the ground to crawl to the pool where she touches her feet special for footmen Continue reading

the passion of brenda

buy-now-goldLatin and Passionate.

Brenda wants to please you in this passionate 30 minute video.

Watch her undo her Chairem uniform slowly, then smile at you as she manipulates her legs Continue reading

polio para poolside

buy-now-goldNothing like a dip in the pool on a real hot day!

Brenda wheels out to the pool to transfer onto the deck chair where she undresses to get into the pool. After a generous Continue reading

polio delight

buy-now-goldI am like so many other polio women. I love to be in the pool. My legs can move without using my hands, Continue reading

stair challenge

buy-now-goldI avoid stairs. I can not walk, my legs cant use braces so I stay away from them.

but, I know you enjoy the view of a woman on the stairs so what are we to do? For you Continue reading