revisit aria

buy-now-goldLets meet by the pool. I’ll stand back and watch you walk on crutches. Your hip is bothering Continue reading

short polio leg walk

buy-now-goldI am coming home, after a day of work at my job. I know you enjoy looking at the way I use a cane Continue reading

poolside resort

buy-now-goldI have just returned from a long walk. Its sunny and warm and I want to enjoy some time by the pool.

I return to my apartment and change into my swimsuit. You can see how thin my left leg is Continue reading

waterpark mischief

buy-now-goldAria is back and takes you down to the watermark to play by the pool. She could take the elevator Continue reading

lace and brace

buy-now-goldFor 34 minutes Aria’s set to please and tease you with her new leg brace. This is another medical appliance Continue reading

polio leg encounter

buy-now-goldOne leg is shorter and the weakest. Often I need to hold my knee when I walk, that is the Continue reading

morning till noon

buy-now-goldLets meet in the living room. Then come with me as I take you for a short walk outside. Look closely and you’ll see how I swing from side Continue reading

delightful polio legs

buy-now-goldOne leg is shorter and the weakest. The other is also weak but the longer of the two. When I walk, my weak leg lifts Continue reading