Our way of saying, Thank You.

Its hard to believe its been 19 years since we began Chairem International. All the incredible women around the world who have passed though our doors in that time is astounding. Your support has made Chairem International the world leader in Devotee media since 1999.
We wanted to find a way to say thank you for your continued support, through good times and bad, through health issues and struggles, our customers have been there. So we bring you this special offer. All movies, new and old by all our models presently with us are now offered on a limited time basis for 33% off!



Dignified Donna

Donna has lived with the loss of the use of her legs to polio. Steel and leather are the only things that allow her to walk. She’s beginning to suffer from Post Polio Syndrome. Have a close look at how she walks during a flair up and how polio has twisted her feet into unique and beautiful wonders.

Coming September 25th

Donna is incredible in her tight black dress!


Donna’s Rainy Day Delights

When Donna welcome you to her room she delights you with some incredible polio leg delights. First a transfer from her wheelchair to the sofa so she can put on her braces. Those flaccid feet, useless little toes are so beautiful. Then its time for a stroll outside to the staircse where she navigates them, struggling with each legbraced step. You can almost see up her skirt before she turns and comes down the stairs to her apartment where she has something special. She sits on the sofa and removes one legbrace and nylon and then struggles to walk with her useless leg, dangling and her foot flopping into place with each difficult step.

Lost Classic : See you in 2012 – Samanthas introduction to us.

A lost Classic. This is how we met Polio Samantha and this was her introduction to us. We asked her to show up her legs, how she put cream on them, how she put on shoes and moreso, to crawl for us and how she struggles to walk.

Samanthas Boots Crutches and Delight!


buy-now-goldSamantha takes you for a walk in her high top boots. Upon returning to the apartment its time to slip out of the boots and onto the floor to make her way to the sofa. Once there, she pays tribute to her legs and feet before making her way to the bedroom where she changes into a beautiful green dress that shows

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Donna, Polio Showertime and braces

Its morning and you get to follow Donna across the floor and into her shower. Her wet top exposes her wonders while she shaves her legs for you, holding each one in the air, flopping her foot uncontrolled. Then its time to dry off, lay her braces and crutches on her lap and scoot herself across the floor to the bedroom to dress.

Pamela’s Sexy Shoes and Polio Legs

Pamela has her new raised shoe on and learning to play in it. Now she can get some use out of her polio ravaged leg that normally hangs, flops and dangles.
She plays in the park, on the swing and other things before walking to a bench to inspect her foot hiding in her shoe. Then its off for a long walk to the apartment where once inside she sits, takes off her shoes and socks and walks around.