Primavara Makes my heart beat faster

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Primavara arrives by taxi knowing full well we want to watch her long paralyzed legs and those beautiful flaccid feet. We want to watch her move her legs by hand and make her feet flop around and she doesnt disappoint. From the moment she arrives in the taxi she begins the art of playing with those legs in a way meant to turn you on. First her shoes are put on those useless feet before she transfers into her wheelchair. then its a wheel down the path before she crosses her leg and takes off a shoe so we can watch her foot bounce and wiggle as she wheels. She finds some grass to cool her tender toes in from her wheelchair. Then its off to the apartment. I cant help but get hart watching as she plays with her legs in the livingroom and lifts each leg so her foot is high in the air to put on shoes. I promise, you want this one in your collection.

Primavara the heart breaker

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Beautiful Primavara. So tall and always seated in a wheelchair. Rarely does she attempt to stand on legbraces but when she does, she stands all and majestic. Today is one of those days. With her legs wrapped in sleet Primavara attempts to stand alone, without help. So dangerous for her and it results in her falling, loosing control of her legs and hitting the ground hard. Her pride wounded, she wont allow our camera person to help. instead she struggles to straighten her legs, remove her braces and hide her disappointment.


Primavara’s Perfection

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Primavara arrives by taxi, so beautiful, so sexy, so barefoot. She transfers and with her leg crossed she wheels away to give you a public display of her feet and legs. She finds a quiet place to sit, transfers and puts on and off her shoes. To be sure she has your attention, she hangs her feet off the front of her footplates so they flop around on the cobblestone. She performs the tasks you dream every paraplegic you see in public would do.


2 Paras enjoy each other

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When Primavara and Luna get together they dont mind exploring each others paralysis for us. Each takes the others shoes and socks off and administers a loving layer of lotion to each others legs and feet. Primavara explores Lunas feet with a sharp skewer to see if she can feel anything, if she can make her toes move. Luna does the same with Primavaras feet. 2 incredible paraplegics, 4 beautiful feet to enjoy and foot worship like only 2 paraplegics can.


Primavara’s Paraplegic Fishnet Temptations

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Primavara wake with the sole intent of teasing you with a sensual display of leg fondling, foot pleasures and fishnet stocking. Filmed exclusively in her bedroom, on her bed and when she transfers to her wheelchair. Primavara has one goal in mind and that is to excite your passions with nothing more than her paralyzed legs flopping and useless feet wrapped in fishnets and bound at her ankles in her wheelchair.

Primavaras Perfect Legs

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Primavara’s legs and feet are perfect in every way. Long and slender, soft and tender, paralyzed and motionless except in her hands.
Primavara arrives in a car, transfers to her wheelchair. in her lap a beautiful pair of high heels. She wheels towards the apartment but struggles to keep her feet on the wheelchairs footplate. She struggles with those beautiful feet as they wont stay and dangle off the chair. Then once inside Primavara entertains you with a look at her incredible legs, and seductively treats you to an incredible leg and foot show.

I’m comfortible with my paraplegic life

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Primavara and her long, perfect incredibly sexy legs is truly a wheeled goddess.
Primavara transfers to a chair and loads a bag to go outside. She slides a pair of skin tight spandex pants on to show off those legs. A transfer then its outside where she again wheels to a park bench, transfers and proceeds to take off those pants to suntan.
She is so confident in her beauty and in her life as a paraplegic. What an incredible difference its been for her being a Chairem Model.

YOU TUBE ONLY: Sexy Parapegic woman out of her wheelchair at the pool

Primavara is a beautiful long legged paraplegic who loves water and sun tanning by the pool.
You’ll love watching her pull those white socks down off her paralyzed legs and her transfers from wheelchair to lounge chair before transferring again to the hard cement of the pools edge. Watch as she pulls herself to the pool for a swim. After enjoying the water, she again pulls herself back to the lounge chair with legs dragging behind. A transfer onto the lounge chair completed with a final transfer to her wheelchair where she again adorns her legs and feet in sexy white fluffy stockings.