Mary is Paralyzed Perfection

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Mary reminds us how the simplest things can be beautiful when a woman is paralyzed. The way her toes quiver when she wheels on rough terrain, how each leg is picked up to be moved, even how shoes and nylons can be a beautiful challenge. Mary takes time to show us that sometimes the simple things in life can be paralyzed perfection.


Mary’s Beautiful Paralyzed Legs

WE want to get to know Mary better, to see how she moves those legs and her feet.
First we ask for some bedroom transfers and struggles to the floor. She passes with flying colours when she makes her feet and toes spasm using a wooden pick. Then we make her struggle into onto the bed and back in her chair to go to the living room for more incredible leg and foot manipulation, shoe play and foot dragging on the floor. Oh yes, she has beautiful paralyzed legs all right!!!

Paraplegic Mary, Delighted to please you

Mary transfers and plays with her legs for you. She knows what is a delight to see. and the camera operator knows exactly what you enjoy watching. A wheel outside and soon Mary is transferring from her wheelchair onto the ground so she can struggle and play with her legs and feet to dazzled you.