mariam’s para stair challenge

buy-now-goldThe most difficult thing a paraplegic can do is to lift themselves up a flight of stairs. My friends, I have received your messages asking for this and I have promised  would do this Continue reading

para foot pleasures

buy-now-goldMariam is a passionate woman. She wants so much to learn to please our Chairem Men. Your support has shown her that the legs and feet Continue reading

para leg love

buy-now-goldMariam has no feeling in her legs or feet. She can not feel the touch of a lovers hand as they move her feet or Continue reading

floor play

buy-now-goldThank you everyone for your welcoming me into this group. I made my first video, wishing you will like too. thank you to all of you who bought my picture set.

I enter my apartment and transfer to the sofa. From there I lower to the floor, Continue reading

dangling feet of perfection

buy-now-goldMariam wants to to enjoy watching her dangling feet. Watch them as they hang uselessly Continue reading

patio paraplegic

buy-now-goldIf you had a bright sunny day and a Beautiful young paraplegic willing to bring you pleasure, what would you ask of her? Would you ask her to wheel around outside barefoot Continue reading

garden paraplegic

buy-now-goldMariam loves to entertain and once she knows what people enjoy, she loves to take center stage.

When she was told how wonderful hanging and dangling feet look, Continue reading

good morning princess

buy-now-goldLook, here you are, waiting for me while I wake. It’s nice to have you join me so early in my day. Let me throw back the covers and lift my legs Continue reading