Luna beside you at the pool

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Your heart races when a paraplegic smiles at you, when she wheels her wheelchair towards you. Your heart pounds when you see she is barefoot. Knowing she is preparing to go to the pool is enough to turn you hard. When you see her at the poolside, transferring out of her wheelchair to the lounge chair you throb with anticipation. Knowing she will soon undress and lower herself to the ground to pull here body to the pool just to cool off leaves you holding a towel in front of your bulge. Look at her legs, her paralysed feet and curled toes, so beautiful, so much so you wish you could slide her toes into your mouth to roll your tongue over and between each of them. You want a paralyzed woman of your own but for now, you can enjoy knowing Luna is beside you at the pool.



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We bring you one of your favorite Chairem Paraplegic models in this month long celebration of beauty.

Luna, the once runway model paralyzed by a bullet can be yours to enjoy tonight. For many years Luna has welcomed you into her world to explore her paralysis and her beauty. Many believe she’s even more beautiful today than when she walked the catwalk.

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Luna is Breathtaking

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Luna is poetry in motion. each thing she does, she does knowing we’re watching and anticipating every thing she’ll do. How she lifts her legs by hand, how she swings them over her wheels, her transfers, her slender fingers rolling down her feet and toes. Each moment, methodically choreographed to leave us breathless and wanting more. From her bedroom to living room, transfers to and from her wheelchair and furniture, floor struggles and stocking and shoe removal; everything is done just to leave you breathless.

Luna Most Beautiful

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When you watch Luna in the morning, its hard to believe her legs are still not able to walk. She has struggled to gain movement but in that movement there is no strength or feeling. Her legs remain useless to her. but her determination to one day walk again has never been lost to her. When you look at her feet, you can see that even standing will never be a reality for her again. She’s inspiring and beautiful and to us, she is perfect in every way.

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Luna is a Blessing

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Luna is a beautiful young woman. Her paraplegia doesn’t distract from her beauty in any way. We’re grateful that today she allows us to be with her as she sits outside and attempts to put on some shoes that become an obstacle for her because of the deformities in her feet. After showing us the issue with her shoes, soon she transfers to the cement bench resting her feet on her wheelchair. After which, she transfers and leaves to show her skills transferring and moving up and down a staircase. Then its off to the apartment- but not in of her wheelchair. Finally she leaves us to enjoy watching how she manipulates her legs and feet by hand.
Luna has a heart as great as her beautify shines.

2 Paras enjoy each other

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When Primavara and Luna get together they dont mind exploring each others paralysis for us. Each takes the others shoes and socks off and administers a loving layer of lotion to each others legs and feet. Primavara explores Lunas feet with a sharp skewer to see if she can feel anything, if she can make her toes move. Luna does the same with Primavaras feet. 2 incredible paraplegics, 4 beautiful feet to enjoy and foot worship like only 2 paraplegics can.


Paralyzed Luna just wants to please you

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Beautiful Luna knows you are fascinated by her paralysis, how she moves her legs, how her feet are becoming increasingly deformed as her hamstrings contract. She knows and loves that you are grateful for her showing you things you only dream of.
Today its a transfer to the floor, she’ll pull herself to the living room after binding her legs together. In the living room she manipulates her legs for you and displays her reason for binding her feet together in an incredible display. She pulls back ot the bedroom and struggles onto the bed and reached out to you hoping you will help lift her off the floor. She changes clothing, puts on incredible spiked heel shoes and nylons and transfers again to her wheelchair. What a truly beautiful woman.