Who Waits For You Loreena? Pt. 2

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In part 2 of Who’s watching you Loreena, our beautify paraplegic wakes from a day dream. Her wheelchair has been taken while she slept and she must struggle to find it. As she pulls herself to the livingroom, she discovers an envelope under the door. She opens it with a sinister message inside. Loreena does what the message tells her to including struggling back to dress in nylons and sexy heels. Over 4 minutes long.

Who waits for you Loreena?

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Loreena shaves her legs before transferring into her old style hospital wheelchair and wheels to the living room. Her paralysis is clearly visible and we regent how she lost her ability to use leg brces but she continues to improve.
Loreena wheels to the kitchen and pours a glass of wine. After a few sips, she take her glass to the bedroom and transfers to the bed. Soon she falls into an uncertain slumber. The door of her apartment opens and a hooded visitor enters her room. In her deep slumber she is unaware how the hooded visitor is manipulating her paralyzed feet and legs, how she is being touches and tenderly stroked. From her useless pretty feet to her tender lips, the figure follows the contours of her body. PART 1 of 2 PARTS.

Another Lost Loreena Video: Sensual Bathtub Seduction

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Another lost Loreena video discovered this past week. Loreena in her slender leg braces goes for a walk with her walker, lifting each leg into place or often swinging both at the same time. A long slope with stairs prove a challenge for her but a beautiful site to behold. Then follow her to her bedroom where she changes to take you to the bath with her. A crawl across the floor, transfer into the tub for some beautiful leg dedication

Loreena Accepts her paralysis – please read and help support Loreena

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After Loreena’s set back she has struggled to regain any of the use of her legs she had recovered. She dreams of walking again in leg braces. For now she struggles with the truth that it may never be possible again.
Chairem is working with Loreena to get her a proper wheelchair that meets her needs.