Linda: “My paralysis is attractive.”

buy-now-goldLinda feels fine showing you that her legs are still beautiful and her feet are wonderful to touch, Continue reading

let me show you my paralysis

buy-now-goldLinda affectionately invites to to explore her lost movement and feeling in all regions below her waist. With no feeling or movement Linda must pick up and manipulate each leg Continue reading

devotee discovery

buy-now-goldLinda was amazed to learn about devotees and their love for such wonderful women like her. She was excited to lean Continue reading

paraplegic brace challenge

buy-now-goldLinda put her braces away long ago. She felt ugly and ashamed to be seen wearing braces Continue reading

Paraplegic Linda’s Chairem Return


This sweet , pretty young Paraplegic is back in a new wheelchair and wonderful new paint on her toenails. Continue reading