meet debbie

buy-now-goldMiss Debbie is 27 years old, a 6 year complete paraplegic and wants the chance to Continue reading

debbie round 2

buy-now-goldMiss Chairem Mexico Contestant

Debbie has advanced to Round 2 of the Miss Chairem Mexico Contest.

Today we ask her to go outside to a private seating area to allow us to have a nice look at her pretty legs Continue reading

delightful debbie

buy-now-goldSomehow its more hot when you know the woman you’re watching loves to tease you and is fully aware of what turns you on. Well, Debbie does exactly that.

She knows we enjoy watching her manipulate her legs Continue reading

parking lot challenge

buy-now-goldDebbie arrives for filming and is ready for a challenge. She wants to do something a little different today so we promised her a challenge.

We’ll take moment and film Debbie as she gets out of her car and transfers to her wheelchair Continue reading