Cleopatra, just watch in wonder

Cleopatra wakes and reveals her legs and feet before rolling over on her bed. She moves her long slender legs by hand and moves around on her bed before transferring. Then its to the shower. she shows how she has mastered using a bathroom that isnt wheelchair accessible and transfers into the shower to shave her legs. She returns to her bedroom and bed to dress, then lowers herself to the floor to pull herself and her wheelchair to the livingroom. Once there she gets on the sofa, and back into her wheelchair to return to the bedroom where she holds her legs int the air to roll a pair of nylons up her paralyzed legs and puts shoes on her motionless feet.



Cleopatra Just being Cleopatra

Cleopatra wheels to a private spot where she can dedicate some time to her beautiful long and motionless legs. Attention to detail is given to her feet and shoes are put on and taken off. Her foot drags as she wheels through the grass. All such beautiful moments that she says is her just being her; Cleopatra just being Cleopatra.

Cleopatra’s Leather wrapped Legs

Cleopatra enters her apartment wearing high heels. Soon she takes them off, puts on her music and dances. She is moved to lower herself from her wheelchair to dance on the floor, moving here legs by hand in time with the music. She then pulls herself to a sofa to collect her lotion, drags herself back to her wheelchair and gets up on the sofa to put on lotion and nylons. Then, one by one , she carefully wraps her paralyzed legs and feet into a pair of sandals with long leather straps that wrap slowly up her motionless legs. She then pulls herself off the sofa, dragging her legs behind and places those beautiful limbs onto the wheelchairs footplates.

Cleopatra’s Sofa Gymastics

Cleopatra’s beautiful legs and how she manipulates them is the highlight of this wonderful movie. Her unique way of using an ottoman in her transfers is like nothing we’ve seen. Would you love to be by her side as she allowed you to watch her incredible grace?

Meeting Cleopatra

Welcome this incredible active and young paraplegic to Chairem international. Cleopatras long paralyzed legs are perfection in her hand when she moves them. Perfectly beautiful floppy feet will thrill you and her transfers are artistic and beautiful to watch. We delight in bringing you this exceptional young woman that will capture your heart and minds.



We’re excited to welcome Cleopatra to Chairem International. Cleopatra is a incredible, young active paraplegic who’s ready to invite you into her world. Her transfers are incredible, like none we’ve ever seen. Her beautiful long legs are perfection in her hands. We know you will love meeting Cleopatra!