Catalina ~ a paraplegics perfect spring day

Catalina wakes this morning and we watch as she stretches and prepares for her day in her wheelchair. She is a young paraplegic but doesn’t have the money for a proper wheelchair. She wraps her feet behind the cross bars for the chair to keep them from flopping under the front wheels and goes to the livingroom then returns. She transfers to the bed to dress and returns to her wheelchair. Then she goes outside to the spring sun. There she transfers to the ground to stretch and move her useless legs. From there its a struggle to get back in her chair.



Darling Catalina

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Catalina still waits to own a proper wheelchair. No paraplegic should have to use such an old style wheelchair but this is her reality. Watching her wheel herself around in this old hospital wheelchair is a reminder of how things have changed for paraplegics since the 1970’s. Her transfers are a challenge, wheeling is a challenge and to keep her heavy wheelchair just a little lighter she removes the legs rests but that causes its own problems. To keep her legs from flopping and banging around against the wheelchair she has a unqiue way of wrapping her feet into the frame to keep her legs from hitting the sides of the chair. Watching our darling young Catalina will show you what a paraplegics world was like before 1975.


Coming Monday Oct 23rd… Darling Catalina


Catalina reminds me how much things have changed for paraplegics today. Catalina still must use a very old style wheelchair that does very little to help her live an independent life, yet this is the world she knows. Without footrests she has a very unique way of keeping her legs from swinging uncontrolled when she is wheeling. Its something we’ve never seen before.

The struggles of a poor paraplegic

Life becomes a daily challenge when you are paralysed but daily challenges become a struggle if you are poor and cant afford proper medical equipment like a proper fitting wheelchair. Catalina needs one badly, so she models her paralysis for you to enjoy in hopes you will purchase her products to allow her to buy a wheelchair thats right for her.

Catalinas paralysis is divine

Catalina is still trying to earn the money for a proper wheelchair and cushion but you can see she has major potential. Her feet are beginning to twist uncontrolled because of the improper fitted wheelchair not supporting her legs properly. The results are legs that hand and feet that are pretty but flop uncontrolled and soon will not fit properly into shoes. She looks incredible transferring in and out of her wheelchair, from a chair to the floor and pulling herself along the tiled floor. Lotion and nylons and a pair of shoes complement her incredible yet silent legs.