Catalina ~ a paraplegics perfect spring day

Catalina wakes this morning and we watch as she stretches and prepares for her day in her wheelchair. She is a young paraplegic but doesn’t have the money for a proper wheelchair. She wraps her feet behind the cross bars for the chair to keep them from flopping under the front wheels and goes to the livingroom then returns. She transfers to the bed to dress and returns to her wheelchair. Then she goes outside to the spring sun. There she transfers to the ground to stretch and move her useless legs. From there its a struggle to get back in her chair.

Madam X ~ Please help me buy my camera



This sample speaks for itself and her smokey voice is breath taking. Madam X is trying, she’s trying hard. She wants to be a full time model with Chairem while protecting her privacy. she wants to share with you but not be recognized by friend and family or when wheeling down the street. She needs to do her own filming and wont show you her face. Her challenges are real but she is determined.

She has much improved her positioning of her modest camera to give you a much better detail of her and Chairem has agreed to help her move to a HD camera. All proceeds from both Madam X movies will pay for a new HD camera for her so that can can film high quality.

Meeting Madam X


She wants to keep secret for now. she doesnt want her samples shown on Youtube to keep her time with you more exclusive. For now madam X wants to let you enjoy her legs and feet and someday, when she has her confidence, she may share the rest of her incredible beauty with you.

There’s something about Cleopatra

Cleopatra doesnt need to pretend or try to be sexy and alluring, she naturally is. She knows exactly how to do things that her fans love to watch. She knows how to make even the simplest tasks make a mans heart skip a beat. Something unique is she enjoys letting you watch her too.

free sample

Luna Most Beautiful

When you watch Luna in the morning, its hard to believe her legs are still not able to walk. She has struggled to gain movement but in that movement there is no strength or feeling. Her legs remain useless to her. but her determination to one day walk again has never been lost to her. When you look at her feet, you can see that even standing will never be a reality for her again. She’s inspiring and beautiful and to us, she is perfect in every way.

Enjoy a Free downloadable sample below.

Cleopatra’s Leather wrapped Legs

Cleopatra enters her apartment wearing high heels. Soon she takes them off, puts on her music and dances. She is moved to lower herself from her wheelchair to dance on the floor, moving here legs by hand in time with the music. She then pulls herself to a sofa to collect her lotion, drags herself back to her wheelchair and gets up on the sofa to put on lotion and nylons. Then, one by one , she carefully wraps her paralyzed legs and feet into a pair of sandals with long leather straps that wrap slowly up her motionless legs. She then pulls herself off the sofa, dragging her legs behind and places those beautiful limbs onto the wheelchairs footplates.

Luna is a Blessing

Luna is a beautiful young woman. Her paraplegia doesn’t distract from her beauty in any way. We’re grateful that today she allows us to be with her as she sits outside and attempts to put on some shoes that become an obstacle for her because of the deformities in her feet. After showing us the issue with her shoes, soon she transfers to the cement bench resting her feet on her wheelchair. After which, she transfers and leaves to show her skills transferring and moving up and down a staircase. Then its off to the apartment- but not in of her wheelchair. Finally she leaves us to enjoy watching how she manipulates her legs and feet by hand.
Luna has a heart as great as her beautify shines.

Cleopatra’s Sofa Gymastics

Cleopatra’s beautiful legs and how she manipulates them is the highlight of this wonderful movie. Her unique way of using an ottoman in her transfers is like nothing we’ve seen. Would you love to be by her side as she allowed you to watch her incredible grace?