Cleopatra, who could be more beautiful

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When Cleopatra meets us she takes us on an adventure into the shower, following her from floor, to bed to wheelchair and into her shower for a fabulous wet T Shirt event. Then its back into ber bedroom and another transfer to her bed to undress for us, handling and moving her paralysed legs, moving her motionless feet by hand and more sensual transfers. It’s okay to watch, she loves showing you her wonderful skills as a paraplegic.


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We bring you one of your favorite Chairem Paraplegic models in this month long celebration of beauty.

Luna, the once runway model paralyzed by a bullet can be yours to enjoy tonight. For many years Luna has welcomed you into her world to explore her paralysis and her beauty. Many believe she’s even more beautiful today than when she walked the catwalk.

All Luna’s great movies are now on sale for $15.00 but dont delay, this special is for December only. Enjoy 7 days with each of Luna’s incredible movies and truly get to know this incredible woman.

Luna is Breathtaking

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Luna is poetry in motion. each thing she does, she does knowing we’re watching and anticipating every thing she’ll do. How she lifts her legs by hand, how she swings them over her wheels, her transfers, her slender fingers rolling down her feet and toes. Each moment, methodically choreographed to leave us breathless and wanting more. From her bedroom to living room, transfers to and from her wheelchair and furniture, floor struggles and stocking and shoe removal; everything is done just to leave you breathless.

Mary is Paralyzed Perfection

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Mary reminds us how the simplest things can be beautiful when a woman is paralyzed. The way her toes quiver when she wheels on rough terrain, how each leg is picked up to be moved, even how shoes and nylons can be a beautiful challenge. Mary takes time to show us that sometimes the simple things in life can be paralyzed perfection.


Cleopatra meets Cinderella

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Cleopatra dressed so beautifully, long silent legs so beautiful displayed for your attention in a slinky evening dress. She embodies beauty as she transfers to sofa to adorn her nails with paint. Then its to her bedchamber to undress, give her legs some wonderful attention just for you before changing into the clothes of Cinderella. Today is house cleaning and she slips into her working world clothes and invites you to keep her company as she sweeps and does many other chores that you would enjoy watching if she was in your home, being your companion and personal paraplegic housekeeper.



Primavara the heart breaker

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Beautiful Primavara. So tall and always seated in a wheelchair. Rarely does she attempt to stand on legbraces but when she does, she stands all and majestic. Today is one of those days. With her legs wrapped in sleet Primavara attempts to stand alone, without help. So dangerous for her and it results in her falling, loosing control of her legs and hitting the ground hard. Her pride wounded, she wont allow our camera person to help. instead she struggles to straighten her legs, remove her braces and hide her disappointment.