Our way of saying, Thank You.

Its hard to believe its been 19 years since we began Chairem International. All the incredible women around the world who have passed though our doors in that time is astounding. Your support has made Chairem International the world leader in Devotee media since 1999.
We wanted to find a way to say thank you for your continued support, through good times and bad, through health issues and struggles, our customers have been there. So we bring you this special offer. All movies, new and old by all our models presently with us are now offered on a limited time basis for 33% off!





We’re excited to welcome Cleopatra to Chairem International. Cleopatra is a incredible, young active paraplegic who’s ready to invite you into her world. Her transfers are incredible, like none we’ve ever seen. Her beautiful long legs are perfection in her hands. We know you will love meeting Cleopatra!

Remembering Sharry Konopski ~ Rest in peace

It’s been a long time since Sharry and I last spoke. As a founding member of the Chairem International team, Sharry was focused on bringing the devotee community the media she knew they wanted. While Sharry struggled with coming to terms with her disability, she also embraced that for a select few, it could also be erotic.

Knowing her with cameras off and talking one on one she shared her love for peacocks and old cars, her children and garden. She struggled with people not seeing the person behind the persona of a playboy playmate and a wheelchair diva. She wanted to do more and give more but couldn’t be seen for the person she was, only the images that appeared in magazines and video.

Sharry’s encounters with devotees were mixed. She was taken advantage of by some and cherished by others. When demands became to strange for her to continue to accept, she retired completely from modeling and from Chairem. Sharry had attracted the best and the worst from the devotee community and wanted to be seen as Sharry, not as “that beautiful crippled playboy bunny.”

In our last conversation about 3 years ago, Sharry was adamant about asking that Chairem always protect their models privacy as best as possible. To warn models how to protect themselves and their privacy. We continue to honor her requests today.

At 49, Sharry lived a rugged road with ups and downs, health issues and successes. She believed that in her lifetime, Spinal Cord Injuries would be repairable and walking would become a reality. Never did she loose that hope. She continued to see herself the fire breathing red head of Playboy, not a “victim” or “an invalid.” Angry and happy, determined and charismatic. Her personality and moods could flip like a switch but behind them all was the heart of a loving and endangered being.

The community that has an attraction to women with disabilities can thank Sharry for breaking ground. Deeyana and Sharry paved they way for every other woman who would come before a camera to create snippets of their lives for them to admire. She allowed herself to be filmed struggling with daily activities knowing that some would find those challenges provocative. She was horrified that some would stalk women with camera’s in public places filming them to enjoy at their leisure. Sharry believed she could change that by making videos to fill that void, to fill the need for video stimulus. She tried hard to hide her own feelings about the attraction while filming but was appalled by it when the cameras were turned off. She tried so hard to accept peoples attractions and fantasies in an attempt to end covert filming, to give women in public the privacy they were loosing.

Sharry was a friend, a tenacious and demanding business partner and a raging soul that was never vanquished. Rest in the peace that alluded you in life Sharry.



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Did you know that Chairem has an artistic side? If you’re a car buff or just love  emerging art, Check out  https://www.facebook.com/LeadFreddie ~ Hot rod T shirts made with your car image. Would you rather have it on a canvas, no problem. It’s you’re choice and our talents. Maybe a unique painting of one of our incredible chairem women? Contact us today.

Watch for Naomi, Oct. 2nd

She’s a beautiful Amputee. You’ll enjoy her latest movie.naomi evolving.jpg

Youtube Fails Producers

Youtube ( Google)  has made millions off producers of media posted and sold on Youtube.
It has been used by starting producers and by industry giants alike to host and sell their products directly to subscribers. Googles cut for hosting materials has been over 30%. Now, Google has made enough money and wants out.

Effective December 2017, it wont be possible to buy Chairem INTERNATIONAL Media via YOUTUBE. While that may seem as a negative, here’s the positive FACTS  for our customers:

  1. FACT: You purchase from Chairem International using PAYPAL. We’ve been using PAYPAL since 1999 to distribute around the world. You can buy with CONFIDENCE!
  2. FACT: When you purchase from our website, youre item is instantly placed in your shopping cart for you to download. No waiting for approvals or waiting for links to be sent to you via email. Your item is there in your shopping cart INSTANTLY!
  3. FACT: You can download your purchase at anytime and save it to your device to watch without an internet connection ANYTIME!
  4. FACT: You own the movie FOREVER!
  5. FACT: Chairem International has been selling on line longer than Youtube has been in existence!


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