Greetings one and all.

We’ve started the process of making all movies All Platform Compliant.What that means is we’ll make it possible for you to download to any phone, table or computer.

We’re also making it possible to RENT each video.

The process is a long one and you can expect about 5 video to be done a week. In the mean time you can always enjoy downloads as normal.

Watch for movies with the following new graphics. We’ll start with our newest and work backward. With over 700 movies available, this is going to take some time. Watch for weekly updates on what movies are converted and ready for Compliant Download and Rentals.

3 item download

Helping Madam X buy her camera

Madam X wants to please. she knows her last video wasnt up to your expectations and has struggled this last week trying to find a way to make things better and she want to make many more mysterious movies for you. All the sales from her first movie and her movie coming tomorrow will go to buying an HD camera for her. Oh and yes, there is a substantial quality improvement in this next movie, you’ll see!

get my camera


Well folks, the people at YOUTUBE are sure not friends. They’ve made it impossible for us to sell you ( or Offer you FREE) full movies any longer. From now on until we find a solution, if you want to enjoy a full movie, you’ll have to purchase here and download it to your computer/ tablet or phone.


Meeting Madam X

She doesnt want you to see her face, not quite yet anyway. She doesnt mind sharing her legs and feet with you and she loves to describe them to you too. We’ve never had such a mystery lady and we’re excited to have her join us. You’ll love all she brings.

madam X

coming tomorrow

We’ve watched Rayanne become more beautiful over the years with us and we’ve watched as post polio has weakened her leg. Between the onselt of pain and the loss of muscle strength, Rayannes right leg continues to become less stable and functional.

Tomorrow you’ll get an update on her and how this woman is dealing with crutches and how her polio leg dangles.