Crutchmans China Trip Tape 1

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Crutchmans tapes are brought to you exactly as they come out of the box. No editing or adjusting unless its to brighten dim lighting. This is one of many tape he filmed on a trip to China to attend a polio conference. All the time he was there, he made sure to keep that camera rolling and boy, did he get some incredible Candid video.

Crutchman 41: Paras, polio, amp and a mystery quad

Crutchman attends a disabled water ski event and focuses his attention on some beautiful paraplegics, a polio goddess and even some burly male paras. Then he heads to his favorite mall in time to watch a para transfer out of her car and inside he finds a polio woman with a short and weak leg walking on crutches. Then from a secret collection, some snippets of a quadriplegic never seen before.