Crutchman Bob’s Paraplegic and polio women Tape # 39

From the Crutchman collection. Tape #39 is a full collection of paraplegics and polio leg brace wearing women who Bob Edwards collected randomly over the years. Check out the bare legs and feet that transfer into a tub… WOW!

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Our way of saying, Thank You.

Its hard to believe its been 19 years since we began Chairem International. All the incredible women around the world who have passed though our doors in that time is astounding. Your support has made Chairem International the world leader in Devotee media since 1999.
We wanted to find a way to say thank you for your continued support, through good times and bad, through health issues and struggles, our customers have been there. So we bring you this special offer. All movies, new and old by all our models presently with us are now offered on a limited time basis for 33% off!



Meeting Cleopatra

Welcome this incredible active and young paraplegic to Chairem international. Cleopatras long paralyzed legs are perfection in her hand when she moves them. Perfectly beautiful floppy feet will thrill you and her transfers are artistic and beautiful to watch. We delight in bringing you this exceptional young woman that will capture your heart and minds.

Evolving Naomi

Naomi has evolved since first meeting her shortly after hospital discharge. She is confident on her dynamic prosthetic and confident in herself. Her incredible beauty is something you want to sit back and enjoy.

Dignified Donna

Donna has lived with the loss of the use of her legs to polio. Steel and leather are the only things that allow her to walk. She’s beginning to suffer from Post Polio Syndrome. Have a close look at how she walks during a flair up and how polio has twisted her feet into unique and beautiful wonders.


Hello everyone, We’re so sorry for the delay but WE ARE BACK!

Back to the weekly updates of movies from the most beautiful and dedicated disabled women to bring you the movies you love.
Tomorrow, Monday, 18 /09/2017, we’re proud to bring you a new movie from Primavara we know you’ll love! 




We’re still alive and well

Everything progresses normally, I just have not been able to post anything new for the last month. We have a years supply of movies to bring you but at the moment we are struggling with a huge issue.
Here is a look into my private world. We are fighting with a huge water problem and for the next while, it will take priority.
I’m here for customer service as needed.
Here’s a couple news reports. ~ Please share them where you can as it helps bring attention to the issues.

Who Waits For You Loreena? Pt. 2

In part 2 of Who’s watching you Loreena, our beautify paraplegic wakes from a day dream. Her wheelchair has been taken while she slept and she must struggle to find it. As she pulls herself to the livingroom, she discovers an envelope under the door. She opens it with a sinister message inside. Loreena does what the message tells her to including struggling back to dress in nylons and sexy heels. Over 4 minutes long.