Ginger wants to play dress up

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What wonders polio does to a woman’s body. Each of them are so different. The remaining muscles, the shape of their feet, the scattered bits of function, all make for such individual and unique beauties. Ginger likes to accent her legs in a way that to some will hide her polio and for others only make it more appealing. Her feet are slightly twisted, her ankles are more rigid than flaccid and her thighs hold minimal function; just enough to crawl on her knees rather than have to drag herself  on the floor. She likes to wear short skits that almost let you peer up between the thighs. Dark nylons to smooth out any minimal imperfections in her legs and bright red. Oh bright red makes her a 4 alarm fire and when she maneuvers her legs, picking each one up in her hands to tuck them around under her when she’s in her wheelchair, your fire hose will be ready to put out her flames.

Crystal and the beauty of a polio cripple

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The confidence of a polio woman. She has lived her life with legs that are weak or totally useless. She has had to learn how to move her paralyzed limbs by hand and she has had to learn how to compensate for being crippled. Crystal has mastered her hand crutches, her special crutches, wheelchair and even struggling to shoot on teh floor. She has also mastered how to look exotic all the while her body from hips to toes are ravaged by polio. She knows you would like to run your hands up her thighs while she crouches in her unique way of walking. She knows her legs and feet are different than others and tht you like that. She wants you to feel her legs, run your fingers from her toes, up her legs, to her thighs and to her heaving mound where you can slide your finders inside. She’ll close her eyes and focus on you touching her and she knows youre wanting to play with her crippled legs. Let her slide her hand inside your pants while you take off her shoes and pick up her legs and feet to your delight.

Cleopatra Beautiful paralysis poolside

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There’s nothing will turn you hard faster than when you see a paraplegic come to the pool. instantly, you know you’ll see her undress, struggling to lift and move her legs by hand as she takes off her pants. You know she’ll lift her legs and her feet will wobble and flop as she takes off shoes and socks and that inside them, beautiful paralyzed feet wait to be seen by you. You hide your stiffness behind a beach towel as you see her in the water. You may even move closer to see how she moves and how her legs float and move in waves tht pass knowing full well she cant move them unaided. Her crippled body is perfection and the way she moves her limbs, how she holds each leg at the ankle to struggle to move is if she is performing an artistic dance of paralysis just for you because she knows you are watching and you are excited by every move she makes. Cleopatra knows your watching her, and yes, she does perform for you. She knows that you are watching and getting harder with each bit of attention she gives to those beautiful paralyzed legs.

Donna, your legs tease me so.

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Donna, Why do your legs tempt me so? Why do I turn as hard as the steel that wrps your legs when I see how you handle your paralyzed legs in your hands. Why does the dead weight of your legs hanging motionless turn me on so much while your feet, who’s soles are soft and tender flop and dangle uncontrolled? Why is the sight of your crippled legs such a provocative turn on and why do i want to pick up each leg by the ankle and suck and lick from your toes, over your feet and up your dead legs until my mouth swallows your mound and you moan in pleasure. Why do your crippled legs tease me so?

Ginger, your crippled feet are candy sweet

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Ginger, your crippled legs are so beautiful to watch. how you have such little use of them but just enough to crawl, yet not enough to walk or stand. How your lower back is arched from scoliosis, twisting it slightly to extend your breast out so prominently when you wheel. How your hands grasp your angles to move your legs into positions we love to see. How your feet are so soft and tender, never once have they held your weight. they are perfection and they are useless, they are imperfect and yet ideal, they are worthy of worship and they are crippled. Craw for us on the floor and up and down a stair case. Tangle your legs by hand while you sit in your wheelchair. Show us how they are perfectly imperfect. Show us what makes your crippled feet candy sweet

Crutchmans Braces and China Trip

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Crutchmans collection was vast. He loved polio braces, bare feet and watching any woman who was crippled by any means that left her legs paralyzed. He also believed that it was the disability and how the woman moved her useless legs more than her age or beauty that made her beautiful. in this large movie, Crutchman gathered his collection of Annie, an older woman crippled by polio who wore beautiful steel and leather legbraces and more of his raw China visit. Together this video combines beautiful Asian polio cripples and an aged woman who lived her life walking in steel, unaware of the world who would forever see her legs and their uselessness as beautiful.

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Brenda wants you to enjoy her polio feet

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Brenda shared something very private with us. Her ex husband was a devotee who was fascinated with her feet. We said, tell us more. She explained that he would ask her to play with her legs in her wheelchair. He loved watching her pick up her legs by hand and how she manipulated her legs and feet using herhands rather than moving them on their own. He loved the shape of her feet, how polio left them perfectly smooth and yet somehow exotic. So, she would wheel up to him in his deep leather chair and she would work her legs and feet by hand. Picking them up, fondling them and touching her feet. She would suck on her toes and  show him how useless they were. She should crawl out of her wheelchair to the ground so he could watch her struggle to get back into it, how her legs served bo purpose other than be dead weight. She would perform for him while he sat back and watched, paying with himself. Then, from her wheelchair she would come up to him, throw her legs over his and lean over and grab him in her hand and bring him to climax. Brenda enjoyed this as much as he for it make her feel beautiful and a little kinky. Now, she is single again and wants to find another man do do this for again. Will that be you? Brenda wants you to enjoy her polio feet.

Sandra, polio woman at the pool

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Stay close and pay attention to ther lovely legs of Sandra. Riddled by polio, they function, but are very limited. Her foot twists from loss of muscle  use but rigid from repeated fractures. Fit into a tight swim suit that shows her crippled curves, Sandra crutches to the livingroom and to the sofa where she sits before lowering her self to the floor to crawl to her wheelchair. her transfer from floor to chair is a struggle worth watching repeatedly. Then its outside to the pool. once there, she prepares to get wet. She crawls across the hot cement to the pool and lowers her legs into the cooling water. Now, once cooled, crawl back to the lounge chair for us, we want to watch those legs drag. Raise onto the lounge chair and dress for us and finally lift your polio crippled body back into your wheelchair. We love watching a polio woman by the pool.


Crystal Struggles to polio walk on crutches

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Crystal is one of a kind. No other polio cripple walks with hand crutches and she was up to the challenge of using custom made child crutches for us. Its a difficult feat to move her legs and swing on her short crutches in the crippled up position she walks in. Her useless little legs curled tight to her perky tits make for a unique turn on that no one else can offer you. Walking towards you her legs are spread, welcoming you between them. When we have her play in the playground, each slide and swing make for a unique challenge for her. He leaves her crutches behind and hops and swings her legs by struggling to lift her body from the ground with only her hands touching earth. Her breast swing and nipples harden as you watch. when she is shoeless her feet tangle in the deep grass as she walks again with her crutches. Why is it such a turn on watching those feet tangle, the look of struggling on her face and  how her nipples harden under her top.

Ginger, meet me in the car park

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Ginger wants to take you into the car park to play dirty. She knows you love watching her wheel and play with her legs. She knows you try to hide your affection for her crippled legs but the bulge in your pants cant be hidden. She’ll take you for a ride up the elevator and maybe, she’ll reach out to that bulge and squeeze it while your alone. Once in the appartment Ginger wants you to relax and watch her. She knows your hand will slide down your pants as you watch her crawl on the floor, you’ll moan when you see her lift her self onto the sofa and as she applies lotion your bulge enlarges and she smiles. She lowers herself to the floor and rolls over to drag yer paralysed legs across the floor, helplessly to watch you thrill. She finds power in her thighs to lift and wiggle her round , soft and perfect ass in the air for you to watch. When she returns to her wheelchair she tangles her legs under her to sit cross legged in her wheelchair because she knows you love seeing the struggle. Her feet, picked up and tucked tightly into her lap. You’ll wish you could slide your hand under her and feel if she’s as wet as you are becoming. Now she’ll untangle her legs and slip one foot under her ass so that she looks like an amputee because she knows that you love watching and fantasizing. When she comes close, let her unzip your pants and reach inside because she wants to. that is why she ured you to the car park in the first place.