Valentines short leg is beautiful

When Valentine gets ready to go out she wants her short leg to look incredible for people to enjoy. A little fresh lotion is applied after a hop and short leg walk to retrieve her crutches and the lotion. Then outside she crutches to the stairs and a challenging pathway. Her leg dangles with a pretty shoe hanging from her pretty foot. Then she wonders to the grass to sit, show off her leg in the sun and then stand and hop before walking so unstable on both legs and finally crutching back down the path, to the stairs.

Valentines Short and Pretty Leg

Valentine knows you want to enjoy watching her leg and foot. How often will a woman with such a short leg let you admire it so closely?
She walks without crutches for you before going ouside on crutches so you can enjoy how her foot hangs, swings and dangles as she goes up and down stairs, across a cobble stone pathway and as she sits in the grass. Her ability to make that short leg look so beautiful will thrill you and just knowing you’re watching her crippled leg and loving it thrills her to know end.

A Short Leg Hop To First Base.

A hop down the hallway to get her crutches and nylons and those sexy red shoes. Some loving lotion on her short leg before a hop and then crutching outside. In the park she plays and hops with her short leg on full display. More incredible crutching and close ups of that wonderful short leg hanging and its off to the stairs to master them with and without crutches.