Exotica, after midnight.

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Exotica returns from a evening out. Her first destination is a cool ice cream cup from the freezer. Her teeth replace hands to carry it to the living room and a return trip is needed for a spoon. She enjoys her cold treat on the floor before she takes to doing some house work. She has mastered a broom using her shoulder and chin and her foot to hold the dustpan. What could possibly make housework more entertaining than to know that she rewards herself with some lotion on her legs and her foot masterfully fondles the digit that protrudes from her shoulder that could have been an arm if she wasn’t so badly deformed.


Exotica, At home

Exotica welcomes you to spend time with her while she attends to herself. Using nothing but her feet and toes, she applies make up, combs her hair, reads a book and more. She carefully plays with her digit between her toes and shows how her little appendage that is formed on her shoulder can be seductive and beautiful.



Exotica; Priviliged pool

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When Exotica goes to the pool, her confidence shows through. All those around the pool stare and the woman with empty sleeves. Children giggle, mothers pull their children close and she can her them whisper and she knows its about her. At one time she didnt have the confidence needed but now, after years of being a Chairem Woman she can boldly remove her long sleeve top by the pool. She’s proud of her unique body, the unique digits that should have grown into arms. She is proud to put on lotion using her feet rather than hands. Exotica is truly proud to be who she is and you can see her pride and beautiful spirit in her movie.