Exoticas Beautiful ways

Exotica can find use in those little nubs and can do so in a pretty exotica fashion. I love watching how she manages to slip it into her mouth.. DRiVEs ME CrAzY!!!

Exotica’s Crutch Bondage

buy-now-goldIts a real struggle when you have no arms and sprain your ankle. Continue reading

deformed and bound to crutches

buy-now-goldWhen exotica takes a horrible fall and sprains her ankle, a new problem develops. She needs her feet to replace the hands she doesnt have, Legs do the work of arms that are missing. When she discovers she cant walk and needs crutches, she knows there’s no way she can use them. Continue reading

taste of exotica

buy-now-goldExotica knows how to move, to smile and use her eyes to weave a romantic taste of Exotica. A slight twitch of her stumps Continue reading

2 hot amputee loves

buy-now-goldBring two incredible amputees together and sparks are going Continue reading

private pleasures, pool delights

buy-now-goldMy time alone is special to me. I often put on music and dance, alone with no one Continue reading

intimate shower

buy-now-goldShhhh… Come in and close the door behind you. Its just you and I now behind the door as I Continue reading

4 missing limbs

buy-now-gold4 missing limbs

The two crippled women Continue reading