amputee afternoon

buy-now-goldIts a warm summer day and perfect for time at the pool. I enjoy being by the water, watching my Continue reading

amputee yoga

buy-now-goldIt is going to be my quiet time. The time when I stretch my body and find peace. Stay with me and I will let you see my private

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reina’s stump and foot paralysis

buy-now-goldWhen you think of BK Amputee’s usually you automatically think prosthetic or crutches Continue reading

pool retreat

buy-now-goldI am enjoying another hot day in the swimming pool but at this time, I know you are Continue reading

magic wheels

buy-now-goldAt this time, Reina is going outside for a ride in her wheelchair. Along the way she encounters Continue reading

love nest

buy-now-goldSit on the bed beside Riena and watch her has she slowly prepares her stump Continue reading