Rechelle asks, ” You love me even without my legs?”

Rechelle was feeling sad remembering her long legs and how she loved wrapping them around a man. We reminded her how she had a huge fan base of men who find the remains of her legs even more attracted. Rechelle glides on the floor for you, shaves and lotions her incredible stumps, changes her outfits and lets you completely loose yourself in watching her pleasure her stumps, jut because you love her without her legs.

Stump Crutching!

Rechelle wakes with the intent of making a movie for you but when she gets off the bed, she injures her right stump. In pain she struggles to recover from the pain and must pull herself to the closet where she has stored a pair of crutches. Rechelle must crutch her way on her long above knee stump to the shower, then though the hallway to the bedroom. Once there she struggles onto the bed to put on nylons, tight shorts ( that show off her incredible buns) and then ita back onto the floor to crutch her way to the livingroom and her wheelchair that waits for her.

Rachelle is an amputee playing in the park

Rechelle is a very playful young woman. She enjoys taking selfies like all pretty young women and when asked, she’ll even take pictures of hr stumps for her boyfriend to drive him crazy.
Today, its time to play in the park. A stop on thee staircase for some pictures, then its off to the park, onto the ground and time to play on the swing, monkey bars and slide. Incredible watching her scoot across the ground so fast and those legs, perfectly tanned and ideal for fondling!

Rechelle Believes in herself ( and her abilities without her legs)

Rechelle has mastered walking on her stumps with the aid of crutches. Continue reading

Private double amputee pool party

Rechelle our sweet double leg amputee takes you poolside for a private and intimate afternoon of water sports and delightful double amputee legs. Continue reading

pretending i have legs

buy-now-goldRechelle never really got over loosing her legs. After all, she looked incredible in high heels Continue reading

stump intimacy

buy-now-goldRechelle is still struggling with a sensitive stump so remains on her short crutches Continue reading

intimate encounters

buy-now-goldMeet each other in the living room. Rechelle with show you her skills of moving on the floor without legs. Continue reading