Evolving Naomi

Naomi has evolved since first meeting her shortly after hospital discharge. She is confident on her dynamic prosthetic and confident in herself. Her incredible beauty is something you want to sit back and enjoy.

Naomi, beautiful on a leg and a half

Naomi gets up for a stroll to the livingroom. She removes her shoes, nylons and her prosthetic. A tender fondling of her stump is in order before hopping to her crutches. She walks on her crutches showing off her stump with each tempting step. Then lotion adorns her wonderful residual limb. More hopping, more crutching and more stump devotion ensues.

New Movie from Naomi, the one legged goddess


Naomi walks around wearing sexy fishnet stockings on her lovely leg and her prosthetic- and that kinda hot! Soon she sits to remove the stockings and stands to remove it from her fake leg. Then she takes the artificial leg off to show you her stump. Now its time to hop to the bedroom for some stump love and attention. Finally, she hops around carrying the leg before returning to her bed to gentle stroke the artificial leg with seductive softness.

spring in my step


buy-now-goldLets go outside in the shade. Its a hot day here and i want to do my exercises outside.

I’ll take a walk in the grass and lay Continue reading

feeling good

buy-now-goldDelicia brings Naomi over to her home for the afternoon. It’s wonderful how Naomi is getting stronger and Continue reading

facing forward

buy-now-goldShe lost her leg to Cancer on Christmas day. She spent nearly 3 months in hospital fighting infections. Now Naomi is home and Continue reading

my confidence blooms

buy-now-goldHello again, I’ve been away leaning my new life for the last year, it is great to be active again!

How my life has improved this last year. I am walking with a prosthetic, Continue reading

stump tease

buy-now-goldMany things have changed for me since starting with Chairem.

When I was first disabled Delicia was to Continue reading