latina’s sexy stump and fantastic foot

buy-now-goldI know you enjoy watching me hop instead of using my artificial leg. Continue reading

jessica and latina’s afternoon together

buy-now-goldJessicas afternoon is brightened by a visit from her fellow amputee Latina. Continue reading

peaceful afternoon

buy-now-goldIt’s a quite day today. In part i am reflective of days before I lost my leg, Continue reading

Hop skip and jump

buy-now-goldCome with Latina to the gym to try out some exercise equipment. Then its time to watch her in her short skirt Continue reading

closed door meeting

buy-now-goldI’ve closed the doors so it is just you and I in private.

I’ll let you enjoy watching me crutch Continue reading

walking on sunshine

buy-now-goldI am learning what devotee men enjoy seeing. I have some special things for you in my new movie.

First, I need to hop to the closet for the proper foot wear. Continue reading

Amputee companions

Jessica and Latina are amputee companions and this movie takes you close and personal. Continue reading