amputee work out

buy-now-goldJessica knows she needs to keep in good shape. She takes time to exercise to keep her arms and leg Continue reading

jessica at the hop

buy-now-goldJessica makes the bed, crutching from side to side before going to the closet to Continue reading

in the early morning

buy-now-goldThe morning comes and I wake to find you with me. I’ll rise and hop to the bathroom where I’ll shower Continue reading

stump and demo tape

buy-now-goldJessica and I were together in the afternoon one day. I asked her to let me film her to see how she would feel Continue reading

poolside playtime

buy-now-goldJessica’s enjoys an afternoon of delightful playtime by the pool. Continue reading

jessica and latina’s afternoon together

buy-now-goldJessicas afternoon is brightened by a visit from her fellow amputee Latina. Continue reading

Amputee companions

Jessica and Latina are amputee companions and this movie takes you close and personal. Continue reading