Becca’s Videos Amputee Video 1

This time, we are changing it up a bit as I have compiled amputee clips for the amputee lovers out there.  Watch as legless ladies wheel or hop around showcasing their luscious stumps.  Some wearing prosthetics and some are bare for your pleasure.  Watch the stumps jiggle as the ladies hop or while they balance with their one single leg.  Watch as an armless woman shows you she can use her feet to her advantage.  Don’t miss out on this video made especially for you.  $10 cost.

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Juanita Please Me

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Juanita plays the noble amputee for us. Letting us follow her up the stairs to look under her skirt to admire her stump. She moves her leg to flex the stump muscles and smooths it with lotion, slowly and methodically. She hops to let us watch her wonderful breast bounce along with her stump. A nylon is slid tightly over the stump and pulled tight to smooth out the flaccid muscle that remains. She will have you whisper as you watch, ” Juanita, please me.”

Chairem Presidents Favorite Scenes Volume 1

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Since 1999, Chairem has brought you women with disabilities from around the world who are proud of themselves and allow you a look into their lives. Its hard to pin point all my favorites into one video so I have selected some of  my favorite and private clips to share with you. Many are no longer available and some have never been seen. Double amputee, multiple paraplegics, polio leg brace wearers and wheelers. This are all guaranteed to make your heart race.
* Not all clips are shown in this sample from this 30 minute volume of the Chairem Internationals favorite scenes.


Naomi Amputee Sunshine

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Naomi takes a walk in the glorious sunshine to find a quite place to suntan in private. Soon she slide off her pants and shoes and removes her prosthetic. How she loves the feeling of the sun against her thigh and the cool air feels good on the residual limb.
She cant sit still, shes an active woman and soon she has to stand up, hop around before relaxing again with a little lotion, some attention to her amputation before again dawning her artificial leg.


Our way of saying, Thank You.

Its hard to believe its been 19 years since we began Chairem International. All the incredible women around the world who have passed though our doors in that time is astounding. Your support has made Chairem International the world leader in Devotee media since 1999.
We wanted to find a way to say thank you for your continued support, through good times and bad, through health issues and struggles, our customers have been there. So we bring you this special offer. All movies, new and old by all our models presently with us are now offered on a limited time basis for 33% off!



Rechelle asks, ” You love me even without my legs?”

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Rechelle was feeling sad remembering her long legs and how she loved wrapping them around a man. We reminded her how she had a huge fan base of men who find the remains of her legs even more attracted. Rechelle glides on the floor for you, shaves and lotions her incredible stumps, changes her outfits and lets you completely loose yourself in watching her pleasure her stumps, jut because you love her without her legs.