Saying Goodbye to Delicia Hermosa


For many of the past 20 years, It’s been my honor to work closely with a very beautiful person. My close friend and partner, Delicia Hermosa is retiring as a model and as the Director of Model Relations.
When Delicia and I began working together, she was a shy and quiet woman who was confident yet uncertain about her disability. It wasn’t long until the Chairem family embraced her in every way. Soon she became President of Chairem International and the heart of Chairem. Her confidence spilled over to many of our models whom she helped foster self esteem and dignity.
Over the past few years, Delicia chose to step back from modeling to focus on the relationship she has with our incredible women we represent. She often stands in for them in their health and social needs, always showing them the way to succeed in their worlds. While the public hears little from Delicia, She has been the energy that drives those of us that bring you the movies we do.

Now Delicia is ready to take on different challenges in her world and to excel in that world she has asked to retire all her video work. So, in respect of her wishes, we shall be removing all movies by Delicia as of June 15th. Now is the time to gather your missing Delicia movies for your collection. Look though all her many movies and soon you’ll see how she turned the Devotee community wild with her ability to make polio and leg braces look glamorous and exotic.

View all the work of Delicia here

Thank you my dearest and loyal friend for all you have done. For your confidence in chairem, in me and for being my support when facing the roughest storms. I am grateful for having you in my life. You have brought sunshine on the darkest days and wisdom in times of uncertainty. I will cherish our friendship forever.

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