Cleopatra Beautiful paralysis poolside

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There’s nothing will turn you hard faster than when you see a paraplegic come to the pool. instantly, you know you’ll see her undress, struggling to lift and move her legs by hand as she takes off her pants. You know she’ll lift her legs and her feet will wobble and flop as she takes off shoes and socks and that inside them, beautiful paralyzed feet wait to be seen by you. You hide your stiffness behind a beach towel as you see her in the water. You may even move closer to see how she moves and how her legs float and move in waves tht pass knowing full well she cant move them unaided. Her crippled body is perfection and the way she moves her limbs, how she holds each leg at the ankle to struggle to move is if she is performing an artistic dance of paralysis just for you because she knows you are watching and you are excited by every move she makes. Cleopatra knows your watching her, and yes, she does perform for you. She knows that you are watching and getting harder with each bit of attention she gives to those beautiful paralyzed legs.

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