Brenda wants you to enjoy her polio feet

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Brenda shared something very private with us. Her ex husband was a devotee who was fascinated with her feet. We said, tell us more. She explained that he would ask her to play with her legs in her wheelchair. He loved watching her pick up her legs by hand and how she manipulated her legs and feet using herhands rather than moving them on their own. He loved the shape of her feet, how polio left them perfectly smooth and yet somehow exotic. So, she would wheel up to him in his deep leather chair and she would work her legs and feet by hand. Picking them up, fondling them and touching her feet. She would suck on her toes and  show him how useless they were. She should crawl out of her wheelchair to the ground so he could watch her struggle to get back into it, how her legs served bo purpose other than be dead weight. She would perform for him while he sat back and watched, paying with himself. Then, from her wheelchair she would come up to him, throw her legs over his and lean over and grab him in her hand and bring him to climax. Brenda enjoyed this as much as he for it make her feel beautiful and a little kinky. Now, she is single again and wants to find another man do do this for again. Will that be you? Brenda wants you to enjoy her polio feet.

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