Sandra, polio woman at the pool

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Stay close and pay attention to ther lovely legs of Sandra. Riddled by polio, they function, but are very limited. Her foot twists from loss of muscle  use but rigid from repeated fractures. Fit into a tight swim suit that shows her crippled curves, Sandra crutches to the livingroom and to the sofa where she sits before lowering her self to the floor to crawl to her wheelchair. her transfer from floor to chair is a struggle worth watching repeatedly. Then its outside to the pool. once there, she prepares to get wet. She crawls across the hot cement to the pool and lowers her legs into the cooling water. Now, once cooled, crawl back to the lounge chair for us, we want to watch those legs drag. Raise onto the lounge chair and dress for us and finally lift your polio crippled body back into your wheelchair. We love watching a polio woman by the pool.


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