Crystal Struggles to polio walk on crutches

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Crystal is one of a kind. No other polio cripple walks with hand crutches and she was up to the challenge of using custom made child crutches for us. Its a difficult feat to move her legs and swing on her short crutches in the crippled up position she walks in. Her useless little legs curled tight to her perky tits make for a unique turn on that no one else can offer you. Walking towards you her legs are spread, welcoming you between them. When we have her play in the playground, each slide and swing make for a unique challenge for her. He leaves her crutches behind and hops and swings her legs by struggling to lift her body from the ground with only her hands touching earth. Her breast swing and nipples harden as you watch. when she is shoeless her feet tangle in the deep grass as she walks again with her crutches. Why is it such a turn on watching those feet tangle, the look of struggling on her face and  how her nipples harden under her top.

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